Writing A Zone Guide

Disclaimer: Be careful to not make your zone guides in to Role Guides or Job Guides. Keep the information that needs to be know for that particular area. For the obvious How do I do dynamis in general stuff go to the Other guides and faq's.

Area guides should contain the following information and formats. You are welcome to be creative, but not at the loss of being clear or helpful.

  1. Area Name
  2. Mob names and jobs - throw in the order mobs should be pulled in (by mob name and job: ex- SMN > BLM > RDM > insert jobs in order > BRD > NIN > WHM)
  3. Things general members should know about this zone (total time, particular NM special moves -ex: Sandy NMs can all charm-, general route, mob types, spacing issues, etc… anything and everything that is useful to know as a member in this zone)
  4. Things you should know when:
    1. Pulling here (large ones, unavoidable links, statues hidden behind turns, where the suicide pulls should start and end -with pictures if at all possible so WHMs know where to go rescue you!!!-throw anything else that a puller should know here that isn't just common sense.
    2. Tanking here
    3. Sleeping mobs here
    4. Meleeing here
    5. Burning here
  5. Pictures, funny anecdotes, entertaining notes, etc..
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