Writing A Job Guide

Simple Instructions:

  • Make sure you put general job guide stuff in the [[[job-guides | Job Guides]] Section. This includes spell lists and anything you think someone should now by the time they hit level 75 in their respective job. If there are general tips that are extremely useful in dynamis do add them to your dynamis job guide.
  • There is no set system or content beyond this point but the following are useful guidelines regarding what you should put in the guide. Feel free to put more or less.
    1. Title (you can be imaginative)
    2. What can <job> do in dynamis that no one else can?
    3. What roles are <job>s usually asked to fulfill? (link this to the roles guide)
    4. General overview of what a <job> does before during and after dynamis to be on top of their game.
    5. Dangerous habits and pitfalls <job>s should watch.
    6. Tips by area (you can link to the area guides). This is in case they should be aware of particular things in certain area. For example if you're a PLD you should know that in Northlands if you see an eye mob you should kill that first. If you're a RDM in dreamlands and Xarcabard you may be asked to come /drk for bosses or to switch right before a boss.
    7. Macros - please take the time to write a whole macro set just for dynamis… we have lots of space now -and- no /p macros unless it is essential
    8. Gear - regular gear and any special gear you find useful to have in dynamis
    9. Dynamis drops and what they are useful for (try not to be too sarcastic about certain pieces- most things have a use)
    10. Pictures! post cool pictures dangitaru!!!

Linking Back to Job Guides
On the bottom left of a page is an "Options" button. Clicking the will display another set of buttons underneath. Click the "Parent" button and in the input box enter "job-guides" (without quotes) and save. This will add the breadcrumb navigation under the page title (for example Job Guides > This Page

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