Member Responsibilities

All members must complete the following things if they wish to be able to lot relic gear:

If this is your first time on the site make sure you create an account and then post on the forums under access request so an officer can invite you into the linkshell site properly. Once you have your account and your membership invitation you can go on.

  1. Create a page to your character name: Use the search function on the top right, type your name in and create your page. You can save it with anything on it and add to it later.
  2. Fill out your page and have fun. Feel free to add pictures, comments, quotes, stories, and whatever you want to share. You can even leave it as blank as you like. Check other member's pages to get ideas. If you're up to it write a profile example and link some of the better profiles to it.
  3. Make a section were you post and keep track of all the additions you do to the LS Website- this is the minimum thing you have on your page.
  4. Now comes the necessary information you must update for officers to use:
    1. Update your information on the LS Roster
    2. Sign up for runs on the Announcements Page. Be sure to add what you wish to lot and sign up for a party spot.
  5. Once that's done you are eligible to lot during runs.
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