Wed 13 January 2010 Buburimu

All sign ups are due at least 2 hours before each run. If you add or delete yourself to anything after that time frame please contact the lot officer and the party formation officer; failing to do so will slow the run down and maybe cost you your lot for the day.

Please add your name next to the particular item you would like to secure for this run. You can only secure a maximum of one item for this run. If it is for your primary job all your points will be considered when comparing points to others. If it is for your secondary job only two thirds of your points will be considered when comparing points to others. For any other job only one third of your points will be considered when comparing points to others.

Abyss Gauntlets (DRK) - Caitir(#1)
Abyss Gauntlets -1 (DRK) -
Abyss Cape (DRK) - Kurosawa(#1), Elevencharlie(#2)
Argute Loafers (SCH) - Purrrl(#1), Handsofhell(#2)
Argute Bracers -1 (SCH) -
Assassin's Vest (THF) -
Assassin's Armlets -1 (THF) -
Bard's Roundlet (BRD) -
Bard's Cuffs -1 (BRD) -
Bard's Cape (BRD) -
Cleric's Cap (WHM) -
Cleric's Mitts -1 (WHM) -
Commodore Gants (COR) -
Commondore Gants -1 (COR) -
Duelist's Gloves (RDM) -
Duelist's Gloves -1 (RDM) -
Duelist's Belt (RDM) - Niomi(#1)
Etoile Tiara (DNC) - Scorcher(#1)
Etoile Bangles -1 (DNC) -
Koga Kyahan (NIN) - theunit(#1)
Koga Tekko -1 (NIN) -
Koga Sarashi (NIN) -
Melee Hose (MNK) -Darkmage(Pts)
Melee Gloves -1 (MNK) - Bubbo(#1)
Melee Cape (MNK) -
Mirage Shalwar (BLU) - Shantar(#1)
Mirage Bazubands -1 (BLU) -
Mirage Mantle (BLU) - Tatjiana(#1)
Monster Jackcoat (BST) -
Monster Gloves -1 (BST) -
Pantin Babouches (PUP) -
Pantin Dastanas -1 (PUP) -
Pantin Cape (PUP) - Jaffar(#1)
Saotome Haidate (SAM) -
Saotome Kote -1 (SAM) -
Scout's Braccae (RNG) -
Scout's Belt (RNG) -
Scout's Bracers -1 (RNG) -
Sorcerer's Gloves (BLM) -
Sorcerer's Gloves -1 (BLM) -
Sorcerer's Belt (BLM) - Chibispell(#1)
Summoner's Bracers (SMN) -
Summoner's Bracers -1 (SMN) - Rathiel(#1), Raltga(#2)
Valor Gauntlets (PLD) -
Valor Gauntlets -1 (PLD) -
Valor Cape (PLD) - Napalmman(#1), Danith(#2), Aadoria(#3), Exsonious(#4), Aemon(#5)
Warrior's Mufflers (WAR) -
Warrior's Mufflers -1 (WAR) -
Warrior's Stone (WAR) -
Wyrm Greaves (DRG) -
Wyrm Finger Gauntlets -1 (DRG) -
Wyrm Belt (DRG) - Akada(#1)
Lots are now locked. For additional information please /tell Niomi

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