Applicant and Trial Member votes will be done by the entire LS. The applicants and trial members are allowed to view what is said about them in their votes, but may not reply. Officers will take care of contacting applicants and trail members about any concerns that arise during the procedure.

I'm an applicant or trial member and I want to be voted on:
  • If you are an applicant any member or officer can grab your application and stick it in the Applicant Review Forum. The best way to have this done is to have your sponsor do it for you. I wont be checking every single day for it so that is the fastest
  • If you are a trial member and wish to be voted on first make sure you have met the point requirement by adding your points for both days. If they are equal to or greater than the required amount (still being decided- it is usually 1 month's worth of points) then request that your vote be put up for full time member. Until you get yourself voted on for full member you cannot lot
I'm a full time member and wish to vote
  • Go to the forums and find the copy of the application you need to vote on.
  • If it is not already there create a table with 2 rows and 3 columns on the top of the page. Click the first row are headers box. The top 3 rows will be: Yes, Undecided, No. The bottom rows will contain totals for those numbers - to begin make them all 0.
  • Change the vote and add 1 to whichever number you want to vote on. This is flagged to site administrators and anyone found manipulating votes with anything other than a +1 to their choice will be expelled from the shell.
  • Save and exit editing mode.
  • If you wish to promote more yes votes please post any convincing evidence as to why you think the LS should consider this member.
  • If you wish to promote more no votes you are free to discuss concerns or issues you may have. If the concerns or issues are sensitive you are allowed to send a private message to Membership Clerks or Rathiel about it (notice this isn't any officer)
  • After 7 days maximum the vote closes. The Membership Clerks will move the vote from the current area to an archive and delete the current vote on the 8th day at the latest.
Explanation of what the vote means:
  • For Applicants (they want to be trial members)
    • Yes = I would like to get to know this person through a trial membership.
    • Undecided = I am not sure we need more of this job. I am not sure this person meets the criteria. I need more information so I can vote. —please post what you need to know in a reply.
    • No = I feel this person is untrustworthy or I've had bad experiences with this person before.
  • For Trial Members (they want to be Full-time Member)
    • Yes = I feel this person is capable and I feel comfortable with their contribution to the shell.
    • Undecided = I haven't had a chance to get to know this person and would like more time to get to know them.
    • No = After seeing this person's behavior and/or ability I do not feel comfortable with them in the shell.
I'm a Membership Clerk what should I do with the votes?
  • Move the vote thread into the officer forum archive on the 8th day at the latest.
  • Contact and pearl, break pearl or decline the applicant or trial member.
  • Send Rathiel a list of all that voted (you can check the edit history for the thread) and at the same time watch for foul play of any sort.
  • If you are suspicious of anyone tampering with votes in any way, contact that member and it is asked that if they knowingly disrupted the voting procedure for any reason you expel them from the shell and announce a revote and the removal of the offender.
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