Treasurer - 1 Pair of Positions Available
  • During runs:
    • Lot coins during every run. This requires you always have inventory space. Up to 10 items can drop from the pool at once and you have to constantly sort your inventory.
    • Break the hourglass and pass it out to captains and mule.
  • Outside of runs:
    • Have a mule out and keep the bank with enough money for about a month's worth of runs (near 8 million). Previous treasurers kept lists of people on the sever who were upgrading relic weapons and also names of LS leaders of other shells. This can greatly help you sell.
    • See that the timeless hourglass is bought for every run.
    • Coordinate runs with Scheduling officer to make sure bank income is on par with current sale trends.
    • Coordinate runs with Scheduling officer to make sure the LS relic weapon upgrade is making steady progress.
    • Make posts on site about current bank status.
    • Add how many of every coin were earned during every run to the run reports.
    • Be reviewed against the run logs by Rathiel randomly.
Things to consider:
  • This is a trust position and honestly is absolute. If you do anything inside or outside of LS that could be considered dishonest do not apply.
  • This position does make you a target at accusations and distrust.
  • You have to be able to have a mule out often enough to keep the bank happy supplied and try to sell only coins that are not currently being used to upgrade.
  • You have to be very good at math and keeping track of things.
  • Lotting coins can be very hard if you are also pulling, sleeping, tanking or very busy in dynamis.

Please apply here if interested in applying for this position.

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