Things To Consider

There are many different types of dynamis linkshells out there and, even then, not everyone is cut out for dynamis. Here are a few things to consider:

If you are the kind of person who is seriously upset with dying a few times a week, please reconsider dynamis. We do the best we can to keep us all alive as much as possible, but dynamis can be very unpredictable and, no matter what you do, wipes occur. Sometimes, due to time, we cannot afford to R3 everyone. This means that you must be willing to take R2 and possibly R1. We are generally much kinder than most shells on the raise policy, but if the thought of taking an R1 really upsets you, you probably won't be happy in dynamis.

There are also many different types of systems shells use to distribute items. These range from very free systems where you simply go and lot what you want to very strict systems with lots of required attendance hours and pre-selection of who gets what. SM uses the latter system. If you would like to simply go in with no commitment whenever you want and try your luck at a piece of armor, SM is not for you. There are many other shells who run similar times and who you'd be happier with. In SM we try to guarantee professionalism and order by establishing rules and priorities on lotting. Feel free to read through the rules section of the site. It is very likely that in SM you may spend a few months without getting any drops before you come up on top for lotting rights. This depends on many things. Primarily how lucky we are on drops and how many other people have been waiting for that relic armor piece. Please consider this before applying. Feel free to come to a few trial runs to check out how we do things.

As a continuation of my previous paragraph, if you are the kind of person who doesn't like rules, SM is not for you. If you do not have a sense of humor SM is not for you. We try to keep a certain degree of order and we do enforce it, while trying to still have some fun. People are expected to do what they are asked, people are expected to do their best and to work hard. This shell strives to be more professional while still providing a fun and relaxed atmosphere. It is a hard balance to maintain professionalism v/s fun. Some people feel very comfortable with us some don't. It's okay if you just don't like the atmosphere, but we recommend that you realize that you will be spending a lot of time with us. Take your trial time to decide if we are really right for you. Read over the member manual in the rules section and make sure that things aren't too stuffy or too lax for you. We will do our best to incorporate you into the team, but you need to feel comfortable with what that entails, no matter what linkshell you choose to go to.

Anyway, these are a few things you should consider with any shell you choose to join. If you decide you still want to apply, we're glad and if not we wish you the best wherever you choose to go. Feel free to ask around and check out other shells or go to and check out other shell's schedule and contact information.

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