The Finer Art Of Resleeping Mobs

Sleeping mobs is relatively easy. Resleeping mobs is the challenge. This guide provides information on what to do once mobs are initially slept and how to prepare for the resleep.


This is primarily geared toward RDM who generally do the majority of the resleep work.


After all mobs are initially slept, a RDM must begin to prepare for when the mobs wake up. This includes:
-Silencing mobs
-Reappying buffs
-Gravity and Bind dangerous mobs or mobs to be burned
-Resleep mobs


All of this takes place immediately following initial sleep.


It is critical that RDM with slept mobs stay grouped together. This makes resleeping mobs much safer.



Once mobs are slept, RDM need to ensure that all mobs and pets that can cast are silenced and stay silenced.

Silence mobs in the following order:
BST pets > BLM > BRD > RDM > NIN > PLD > WHM > DRK

-It is critical that BST scorpions, crows and slimes are silenced and stay silenced. Scorpions have AoE petrify, crows AoE silence and slimes AoE paralyze.

-Please make sure to wear enfeebling gear when silencing BRD, PLD, RDM and WHM mobs. These mobs have the highest chance of resisting silence. BRD has {Resist Silence} as a job ability. PLD, RDM and WHM mobs may have Shell up which makes it harder to land silence.

-NM BRD, PLD, RDM, and WHM are often difficult to silence without enfeebling and wind accuracy merits and enfeebling gear. NM demons are almost impossible to silence.

-Please remember that only the person who lands silence will get a wear message. If you landed silence on a dangerous mob, it is very very important that you watch for the wear message and resilence the mob as required.

Reapply Buffs

Once RDM are finished silencing mobs, it is imperative to reapply stoneskin, blink and phalanx. The mobs will wake up and attack whoever has hate. Having buffs up will allow you to resleep mobs and survive.

Gravity and Bind

Gravity and bind have long recast timers, so it is important to use these spells wisely.

Any mob to be burned should be gravitied.

Mobs that are very dangerous (ie hit hard or have bad AoE) or difficult to resleep should also be gravitied.

Mobs that are dangerous, difficult to sleep and are away from the main alliance can be bound.

BST pets, avatars, NM, MNK and NIN mobs are all good candidates for gravity and bind.

Defusing the MNK

It is possible for a RDM or BLM to trigger a MNK mob's Hundred Fists and then resleep it safely. This can help prevent it from tearing through the melees when it is later pulled.

1. Make sure Stoneskin and Blink are up.
2. Gravity or Bind the MNK.
3. Nuke the MNK (Thunder III should do enough spike damage to trigger Hundred Fists).
4. Quickly resleep the MNK.
5. If your nuke did not trigger Hundred Fists, make sure you have a Sleep available and then retry steps 3 & 4.

Resleep Mobs

RDM should stay near each other to maximize sleeping. If you have a lot of sleeping mobs, you should stay near the mobs, even if this means not refreshing your WHM for a few minutes. You do not want to drag mobs back to the alliance.

If you see a wear message, you should immediately target and resleep the mob.

If you see a single mob moving, try to target and use sleep or sleep II.

If you see multiple mobs moving, you should immediately sleepga the moving mobs.

It is a good idea to stagger when the mobs will awaken by overwriting sleepga'd mobs with sleep II.

-Please note that only the person who actually slept the mob will get
a wear message. If you got initial sleep on an avatar it is critical that you watch that avatar.

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