The Fine Art Of Sleeping Mobs

Sleeping mobs and keeping mobs slept is a critical aspect of Dynamis. Your sleeper team can make or break a run and send death tolls soaring faster than an alliance lead by Rath.

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RDM and BRD are primarily responsible for sleeping mobs in Dynamis. The bulk of sleeping duty will fall on RDM. RDM/BLM have more sleep spells and are less squishy than BRDs. With merits and proper equipment, RDM has a very high chance of sleeping any mob that can be slept. BRD has the advantage of not being able to be interrupted while casting. BRD's lullabies are also light based, so they can sleep mobs that are heavily dark based that resist sleep. The combination of the 2 jobs generally ensures that everything stays slept.

BRD must sleep hecteye pets as RDM cannot sleep these with any consistency.

BLM may be called to help sleep large pulls and to assist when RDM have been killed.


All the beastmen mobs and their pets need to be slept and kept sleeping until the melee alliance is ready to dispatch them.

Statues, arhiman, attestation formors, dragons, NM demons in Xacrabard, and megabosses cannot be slept.


All mobs should be slept behind the BLM alliance but before the melee alliance.

melee RDM & BRD <sleeping mobs> BLM

It is critical that mob be slept behind the BLM alliance so that slept mobs do not link with anything in front of the BLM's.


The key to being an uber sleeper is when you actually cast your sleep spells. You must always make sure you start casting so that mobs will be actually sleep where you want them.

It is important to make sure mobs are gathered when using sleepga.


The puller will announce in party chat that a pull is coming in. RDM should make their way to the front of hte melee alliance. The puller will run toward RDM. RDM should target first the puller to determine what direction the pull is coming from. Once puller is in range, RDM should try to target beasmen mobs.

Sleep, Sleep II, or Sleepga should be cast so that the mobs are slept between the melee and BLM alliances. Generally, RDM first cast is Sleepga. Sleep and Sleep II are used to catch any stray mobs. Sleep II can be used to overwrite sleep and sleepga on particularly dangerous mobs, like avatars, pets and NM.

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