Sun 11 October 2009

Please add your name to the following list for this zone.

This is due on Tuesdays and Saturdays at midnight EST - If you add yourself later than this, put your name in and then send Rathiel a tell in game or have an officer leave him an in-game message.

Abyss Burgeonet (DRK) - Kurosawa(#1)
Argute Mortarboard (SCH) -
Assassin's Armlets (THF) - Fantus(#1), Bojanglo(#2), Scorcher(#3), Uchiha(A) Tikeru(C)
Bard's Cannions (BRD) -
Cleric's Mitts (WHM) - Bubbo(#1)
Commodore Tricorne (COR) - Purrrisa(#1)
Duelist's Chapeau (RDM) - Tatjiana(#1), Aurage(#2)Anzell(#3)
Etoile Casaque (DNC) - Feifei(#1), Pablow(#2), Chibibelle(#3)
Koga Tekko (NIN) - Schneelocke(#1)
Melee Crown (MNK) -
Mirage Keffiyeh (BLU) - Tails(#1)
Monster Gloves (BST) -
Pantin Taj (PUP) -
Saotome Kabuto (SAM) -
Scout's Jerkin (RNG) -
Sorcerer's Petasos (BLM) -
Summoner's Horn (SMN) - Nyamavu(#1)
Valor Surcoat (PLD) -
Warrior's Lorica (WAR) -
Wyrm Armet (DRG) - Aadoria(#1)
Lots are locked

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