White Mage

Providing WHMbulance Services to your Dynamis Party/Parties

Targeting Tags for Casting

There are 3 locations an individual in your alliance can be located:

Location Tag Starts With
Party p
Alliance 1 (Top) a1
Alliance 2 (Middle) a2

Within each location, there are 6 positions starting at 0 and ending with 5. This number ends the tag. Your character will always be at position 0 of your party (p0)

Tag List:

  • Alliance 1 (Top)
    • <a10> - Member 1
    • <a11> - Member 2
    • <a12> - Member 3
    • <a13> - Member 4
    • <a14> - Member 5
    • <a15> - Member 6
  • Alliance 2 (Middle)
    • <a20> - Member 1
    • <a21> - Member 2
    • <a22> - Member 3
    • <a23> - Member 4
    • <a24> - Member 5
    • <a25> - Member 6
  • Party
    • <p0> - This is You! - [F1]
    • <p1> - Party Member 2 - [F2]
    • <p2> - Party Member 3 - [F3]
    • <p3> - Party Member 4 - [F4]
    • <p4> - Party Member 5 - [F5]
    • <p5> - Party Member 6 - [F6]


/ma "Cure V" <a13>

This will cast Cure V on Member 4 of alliance party 1

Mobs and Bar* Spells

This will be a list of mobs who use aoe elemental attacks and the recommended bar spells to minimize damage to your party.

On bar-spells: Heya! Do YOU have extra mp? I do, all the time, and do you know what I do? I use barfira, barparalyzra, and auspice every chance I get. I have them all tied to one macro, and the more I keep it up, the less surprised I am when @#$% hits the fan. These are the things that cause wipes or semi-wipes folks: fire spells and paralyga. The tanks can't tank, the rdms can't sleep, and the whms can't heal with paralyze up. Barparlyzra doesn't really help with the resist rate of the paralyze so I've seen. Rather, it helps with the rate at which you are affected by paralyze with an action. In other words, when I'm paralyzed, with barparalyze up, I get paralyna off on myself the first time, which means I can get it off the rest of the tanks and rdms/blms much sooner. I've also noticed, with barfira, that mobs prefer to cast fire-based spells more than any other (especially the ahriman, they are notorious fire-casters). Keep barfira up as much as possible, even when ninja mobs aren't threatening to splode, and you'll be happy you did.

Tank Feeding and Care

Make sure that the main tank is properly buffed and that debuffs are promptly removed.
If you have the honor of being the WHM for the tank party, you are the one who keeps the forward momentum of the entire group…when tanks go down, there's not much you can do but wait for them to unweaken.

The primary tank should have Haste and Regen III at all times. This will help save you MP in the long run. You should keep your cures light most of the time (Cure III at most) to conserve MP and avoid pulling hate. When facing MNK mobs, start spamming Cure V when they invoke Hundred Fists.

Many times sleeper bards get hit, either from resists or early awakenings. Overcure them every single time. TRUST ME!! When rath is down 300 hit points, I immediately toss a cure 5 on him, because chances are he's gonna get hit while I'm casting, and cure 3 just won't do for that. I've joked in party numerous times that bards have three stages: full, half hp, and dead, and the transition from half hp to dead is usually very, very quick. Also, cure 5 gives them a MIGHTY stoneskin effect with afflatus: Solace up, so don't be afraid to lay it on really thick. In my opinion, an extra 70 mp from cures for giving the brd stoneskin is worth more than 150 mp for raise 3, plus 5 minutes of them being weakened any day.

Whatever you do, stick with your tank!

Pull Party

There is a lot of movement involved with the pull party. The party will usually be split too far apart to buff them all at once. Focus on keeping your NINs hasted and removing any debuffs that might have been cast on them.

Suicide pulls require seek & recover operations. If you know that you are going to be in the pull party ahead of time, it may be best to sub BLM for tractoring. You will need to know your death locations to speed up the recovery process and get your pullers back on their feet.

Doing it on Your Own

First of all…DON'T PANIC!

If turnout it a bit thin and you are made WHM for the entire alliance, focus your attention on the tank party. It would be best to be IN the tank party to make this task easier and so that you can keep their buffs up.

Helpful Merits

  • Devotion
  • Bar Spell Potency
  • Regen Potency
  • Martyr

Let’s face it: a lot of adventurers are pressured into being white mages in Dynamis. Many would prefer other jobs, but the position is critical to the success of each run. It is a stressful job that requires a player to be unfailingly attentive and responsive throughout the run. Others players ~ though they shouldn’t ~ go AFK while resting; the WHM doesn’t have that opportunity, even after a wipe… we’re still busy raising people. Each time a player goes down, it hurts a conscientious healer. When players die because of stupidity or irresponsibility, most white mages will get angry. It takes the fun out of the run.

Personally, I love being a white mage in any situation. I take pride in keeping my group alive. The best runs I’ve ever been on were ones where my tanks did not die at all. Out of 3 years of Dynamis, it’s only happened six times, but wow what a feeling!

Assumptions of this guide: 1) keyboard is being used, and 2) no third-party programs are being used. Also, for ease, I’ll be using the female pronouns… that doesn’t mean this guide doesn’t apply to males.

There are three different positions for a white mage in Dynamis: tank party, tank alliance, and DD alliance. Each of these positions has special responsibilities and, therefore, various tactics. Sometimes there will be only one healer for an alliance, and whether it’s the tank alliance or damage dealers, it’s extremely difficult and will need help from other mages. Don’t be afraid to ask for help!

Must Have Items:
Echo drops, Echo drops, Echo drops, Echo drops!
Did I mention the need for all mages to bring echo drops?

Some mages like macros, others despise them. I couldn’t play without them (even though I am the Queen of Wrong-Macro-Set). It is helpful to the whole alliance if comments are removed from macros. If a healer uses the comments to remind her of who she’s buffing (“Hasting Adventurer A now”), she could use /echo instead of /p.

Spells that should be macroed: Cure III; Cure V (arguments have been made that Cure IV gets more hate than V, and my personal experience agrees); Paralyna; Stona; Poisona; Silena; Cursna; Erase; Blindna; Barfira; Regen III; and Haste. There are a lot of other spells that I macro, but they are my personal preference; this list is just the “should have.”

I often hear mages complain that their targeted player changed gear as the mage was casting, and she lost the target. Frustrating! I’d like to offer a different method:

/ma “Poisona” <st>

[Alt]+[3] is my Poisona key, and I want to remove poison from the second player in my party (assuming I'm F1, the next player is F2). My keystroke to cast Poisona on the player is: [Alt]+[3] [F2] [Enter]

This will put a blue arrow above the player that you have targeted, whether by using the F# keys or by tabbing. As soon as you have selected the target, hit [Enter] immediately to start the spell. The opportunity for the player to change gear and mess up your cast is down to the smallest fraction of a second.

Typed Commands To Know (that some players don’t know):
/ta name (target any player)

/assist name (to target the monster the player is fighting ~ great to silence the jerk that keeps casting on your tank!)

/echo (when used in macros, dialog you write after “echo” will appear on your screen only.)

Note: if the person that you want to target is in your alliance, you can substitute their name with <a10> - <a15> for the players in the top party in the alliance; and <a20> - <a25> for the middle party. Of course, <p0> is yourself and <p1> - <p5> is the rest of your own party. Much quicker than trying to type out someone’s name.

A Few Words about Healing (ok… a lot of words):
It has always been my personal preference to keep all of the members of my party fully healed. At minimum, the healer should do her best to keep her party out of the yellow. Some tanks get irritated that they “waste” their cure spells because I have them full, but Cure for them is primarily used to garner hate, and healing themselves is secondary. Heck, they can cure someone else. (Tanks, correct me if I’m wrong!) If the whm is resting, she should let the party know. Communicate! Throwing a Regen III on the tank before she rests is helpful.

Hmmm, which Cure spell should be used? She should use the smallest spell she can to avoid hate. She MUST NOT wait until a player is in yellow or orange and throw a Cure V. Bombs, critical hits, etc., can kill a player any moment, so the healer must do her best to keep those hp bars full. Something that I have noticed is the urge to cast a Cure V when a party member is actively getting hit and is very low on hp. The healer should keep in mind that the larger the cure being cast, the longer the cast time. Since the player is still being hit, he may die while she is still casting a larger spell. Spamming Cure III might get her player's hp up enough to give her time to get a larger cure off.

Regen is one of the most overlooked and unused spells the whm has. It is especially helpful on pullers and dark knights. In fact, if a whm is responsible for a dark, she should ask him to warn her before using Souleater so she can cast Regen on him in advance.

Keep in mind that some abilities and weapon skills are influenced by hit points; if someone in the party needs to have full hp, the healer should do her best to see to it.


This is the only healer who gets to be selfish. The primary focus is her party, and most specifically, the main tank above all others. Some exceptions to this rule are: 1) another mage needs help; 2) raising wipes. The tank whm should not waste time and mp tabbing around to see who else needs healing. There are, of course, exceptions, but that is a general rule.

Because keeping the tank alive is paramount, the tank whm needs to be fast at getting Paralyna, Silena, etc., cast on her own party, but, again, most importantly, the tank.

In the tank party, Haste is a luxury for all players except the main tank. For the main tank, Haste is important. First, it shortens the cast/recast time of spells for the tank, lessening the chance of being interrupted. Second, it will save her own tail when the tank can provoke sooner! It will save a lot of her mp. If she has a red mage, the RDM might be able to haste others, but she shouldn’t count on it - RDMs have larger concerns, and in many ways, more stressful jobs. If there is a lull in fighting, all players in the party and/or alliance are fully cured, and the healer has a lot of mp, hasting others is nice… but I don’t recommend it during a fight since a tank can go down fast, and Haste has a long casting time. I just hate being caught casting a non-essential spell while my tank dies!!

When a tank goes down, she should get him raised up as fast as possible; however, casting Raise (of any tier) is less important than keeping the next tank alive. If her party is still fighting, she MUST NOT leave her party unattended to raise someone from another party. An exception to this would be if she is the only whm for the whole alliance. If that's the case, she should cast Regen III and Haste on her tank before running away. She should also keep an eye on her Devotion timer and refill the tank's mp if needed.

This white mage has a wider scope of duties than the whm in the tank party. She must keep her own party alive, but also must back up the tank whm. Depending on the alliance configuration, this alliance mage may be responsible for curing the pullers and black mages. This means being mobile. She may have to be running between the groups. She needs to be aware that the black mages are likely to get hate and can only cast Protect II on themselves. She should help them out, if mp allows, by casting Protect IV on them ~ although depending on how things are going, this may be a luxury.

While it’s annoying to have to wait for the group to gather for buffs, the tank alliance white mage should make sure that the pullers get the highest buffs possible. I know that seems like common sense, but I’ve seen way too many pullers go without buffs simply because they were away from the group… doing their jobs… and I'm guilty at times, too.

Haste: Damage dealers love Haste, and the healer should do her best to appease them; however, that nicety takes a back seat to healing, buffing, and debuffing her alliance. Ninjas should get the priority on Haste. And do NOT haste a black mage (unless you’re really mad at ‘em and you want them to get aggro and die!). If the tank alliance whm has mp burning a hole in her staff, she can offer to haste the tank party.

Repose: Helping with sleep is something new for the white mages, and it works beautifully in Dynamis. The tank alliance whm probably has the best view of what bad guys need to be slept and should be quick to help.

Edit on Repose: This works VERY well with slimes and hecteyes, which are notoriously hard to sleep via darkness-based sleep spells. Concentrate on watching for goblin's slime on the pull when in jueno or beaucedine. Repose DOES pull hate. It pulls a decent amount of hate, compounded from you healing yourself, buffing yourself, or others healing you then you healing them back. Don't think that a weekend whitemage's repose with 200 divine skill and +5 mnd is gonna stick. When I repose, I have almost 300 divine skill and +35 mnd from gear swaps with apollo's staff. Build a macro, swap in gear for it, and make sure your skill is capped, otherwise you're gonna be in a world of death from resists.

This white mage has the widest range of responsibility – not just her own alliance, but everyone. Keeping her damage dealers hasted is important, second only to healing, and will consume much of her time and mp.

I have been guilty of decreased attentiveness when I am the DD whm – and I know I’m not the only one. Since the damage dealers need far less healing than the tanks, pullers, and black mages, it is very easy to get bored and drift off. Keeping a haste cycle gets repetitive and mind-numbing. However, this whm is the one who is most likely to have the most mp and time to help with raises. She should pay close attention to link shell chat to see if others need help with anything. If she sees a player with low hp, jump in there with heals. The same goes for Paralyna, Cursna, and other debuffs.

The DD whm should keep an eye out for the need for Repose. When the RDMs and BLMs are down or overwhelmed, the white mages need to step up and sleep the mobs. The leader of the run may call out for all sleepers, the DD whm should be quick to help. Also, there may be multiple beasts sleeping near the parties… she should watch to see if any wake up prematurely and jump in with Repose.

Raising after Wipes:
I don’t know about others, but it breaks my heart to give less than Raise III, even though it is necessary at times. Care should be given to use the highest raise possible for those that suicide (pullers, Rath, thieves) and those that draw a lot of hate (blms, rdms), but unfortunately, we can’t always give them a III. While healers always want to give a III to someone who is low on buffer or has deleveled, she should remember that it is the player’s responsibility to come to Dynamis with a substantial buffer. Other players shouldn’t be made to suffer lower raises just because someone else didn’t bother to get a buffer.

Raise Priority:
1. White Mages (get them up so they can help raise!)
2. Red Mages & Black Mages
3. Pullers & Tanks
4. Everyone else.

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