Dynamis Tavnazia

General Information

Requirements to Enter Valkurm, Buburimu and Qufim Wins
Entry Tavnazian Safehold H-9 Hieroglyphics
Initial Time Limit 15 minutes
Maximum Capacity 18 people

Time Extensions

Nightmare Bugard 15 minutes
Nightmare Antlion 30 minutes
2nd floor ??? 30 minutes
3rd floor ??? 30 minutes
Total possible time 2 hours

Removing subjob restriction and getting time extensions

Subjobs are disabled on entrance. Nightmare Antlion and Nightmare Worm have to be defeated to remove the restriction.

Nightmare Bugard

Kill Nightmare Bugard on 1st floor. This gives 15 minutes time extension.

Phominua Aqueducts zone
Awful Eye Line of sight AoE STR down and petrify
Bone Crunch Single target damage and plague
Heavy Bellow AoE stun
Scutum Defense bonus
Tail Roll Line of sight AoE damage
Tusk Single target damage
Susceptible to
gravity, slow, elegy, threnody, bind, stun, paralyze, blind

Nightmare Antlion

Head to 3rd floor and kill Nightmare Antlion. This is one of the two mobs that remove subjob restriction. It also gives a 30 minutes extension.
If Nightmare Worm spawn between the ramps from 1st floor and to 3rd floor, kill Nightmare Worm first.

Random location along 3rd floor loop
Stays underground until aggro
Uses Pit Ambush on aggro
Pit Ambush Single target heavy damage on aggro through shadows
Sandblast AoE blind and silence
Sandpit Single target bind
Mandibular Bite Single target damage
Venom Spray Line of sight venom (-50HP/3s)
Susceptible to
elegy, slow, threnody, stun, paralyze, blind

Since Pit Ambush on aggro does heavy damage, it is better to have a tank or high defense/high HP person to find the pop.

Nightmare Worm

Disband the alliance and move to 2nd floor to kill Nightmare Worm. This will remove subjob restriction if Nightmare Antlion was killed.

Random location along 2nd floor loop
Stays underground until aggro
Uses Draw In and TP move when aggro
TP regen
Draw In party/alliance of target, uses right before TP move
Tremors AoE damage and DEX Down
Sound Vacuum AoE silence
Casts Break, Stonega IV, Stone V, Quake
Susceptible to
stun, silence, elegy, blind

After killing Nightmare Antlion and Nightmare Worm, subjobs will be restored.

It is important to keep Nightmare Worm silenced. Also, it should be stunned right away after Draw In. Disbanding the alliance would more likely allow BLMs to stay farther away and be ready to stun.

2nd Floor ???

This gives 30 minutes time extension. It is spawned when either one of the two Vanguard Eyes next to it is killed. Mobs will repop after ??? is examined.

  • Numbers indicate mob IDs for easy identification. Black numbers are pre-??? mobs, while red numbers are popped when ??? is clicked.
  • Vanguard Eyes spawn Hydras when aggroed. Jobs of the relative spawn are included in brackets.
  • From the north entrance, pull the 2 Nightmare Hornets in the tunnel, 21 and 24. Each Nightmare Hornet will spawn 2 more copies.
  • Pull Vanguard Eye 45. It will spawn Hydra RDM WAR and RNG.
  • Pull Vanguard Eye 54. It will spawn Hydra DRK BST and SMN.
  • Pull Vanguard Eye 49. It will spawn Hydra BRD SAM MNK and NIN.
  • ??? will spawn after Vanguard Eye 49 is killed.
  • New copies of Vanguard Hornets and Vanguard Eyes will spawn after ??? is clicked.
  • The Hydras do not need to be killed if sac pull is used. However this might cause part of the area to be non-farmable due to doubled mobs if original ones are not killed.

3rd Floor ???

This gives 30 minutes time extension. It is spawned when either one of the two Vanguard Eyes next to it is killed. Mobs will repop after ??? is examined.

  • Vanguard Eyes spawn Kindreds when aggroed.
  • From the south entrance, pull Nightmare Hornets 219 and 222. Each will spawn 2 more copies.
  • Pull Vanguard Eye 267. It will spawn Kindred BLM SMN BRD and PLD.
  • Pull Vanguard Eye 273. It will spawn 3x Nightmare Taurus.
  • Pull Vanguard Eye 286. It will spawn Kindred BST SAM THF and WHM.
  • Pull Vanguard Eye 282. It will spawn Kindred RDM DRK and RNG.
  • ??? will spawn after Vanguard Eye 282 is killed.
  • New copies of Vanguard Hornets and Vanguard Eyes will spawn after ??? is clicked.

Getting the win

  • There are 4 Umbral Diabolos NPCs towards the Misareaux Coast and Lufaise Meadows zones. They aggro by being selected and by true sight. When one is aggroed, it will fly north towards one of the zones, depop, and spawn either Diabolos Spade, Diabolos Heart, Diabolos Club (SMN with pet Diabolos Shard) or Diabolos Diamond.
  • The number of Diabolos spawned depends on how many Diabolos NPCs are aggroed.
  • All of the spawned Diabolos have to be defeated for a win.
  • Killing Diabolos will grant the title and key item, but it does not give time extension nor does it drop anything.
  • If a wipe occurs, all Diabolos spawned and all Diabolos NPCs will depop.


  • Diabolos have Draw In, so they must be defeated where they are spawned, north of the NPCs.
  • Everyone has to go north, get pass the NPCs without aggro, or aggroing at most 1.
  • When more than 1 is aggroed, it will be very difficult to get a win.
  • Diabolos do not aggro but they will link.
  • It is random which Diabolos will be spawned. Each Diabolos has a different set of abilities.
Ability Description Diamond Heart Club Spade Shard
Cacodemonia AoE curse X X
Camisado Single target damage X X
Camisado AoE damage X
Daydream Single target charm X
Death Single target death X
Dispel Single target dispel X
Dispelga AoE dispel X X
Dream Shroud MAB/MDB X X
Hypnogenesis Line of sight damage X
Nether Tempest AoE Nether Blast X
Nightmare AoE sleep and bio X X
Noctoshield Phalanx X X X
Ruinous Omen AoE HP random % down X X X
Sweeping Somnolence Line of sight damage and gravity X
Ultimate Terror AoE stat drain (2-5 random stats) X
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