Summoner Dynamis Guide by Raltga

1. Basics

As with many jobs in dynamis a few basic rules should be adhered to. Firstly, take all party chat lines out of your macros. I have a line of macros dedicated specifically to dynamis as Summoner (SMN) and I ensure none of them have party chat lines. Nothing you do as a SMN during dynamis requires party notification, so it should be eliminated to prevent excess lag (of which there is a lot already).

Although you are technically a "mage" job, SMNs will maintain a position to the rear of the melee or tanks they are buffing in SoyMilk Dynamis runs. Unless you are in a party to buff them, do not interfere with the BLMs/RDMs/BRDs/CORs sleeping or pulling.

Releasing in dynamis can prove to be dangerous to SMNs. There are certain situations where releasing your avatar can cause a DRG mob's wyvern to attack you. To be sure you don't get a rogue dragon eating your face, it's important to not release your avatar unless a wyvern is slept or being fought by the alliance.

2. Roles

In a SoyMilk dynamis run a SMN will be required to do three tasks:

2.1 Primary task : Buff parties.

Using Blood Pact: Ward, SMNs can apply AOE buffs to increase the DMG potential or survivability of its comrades. Depending on what party you are in determines what buffs should be used: tank parties should be given Earthen Ward and Noctoshield (most of the time) or Dreamshroud (only on mobs with magic attacks BLM, Wyverns, Ahriman, etc); DD parties should be given Ecliptic Howl and either Hastega (if there are no other people with haste in the party or if your SMN magic skill is at least 299 or +30 over cap) or Ecliptic Growl; mage parties should receive Dreamshroud and Earthen Ward.

The other way SMNs can buff parties is through the use of the Avatar's Favor pet command. Each avatar has it's own buff that is active as long as the avatar remains close to other members of the party. Like with Blodd Pact: Ward, the Favor to use depends on the party a SMN is in. Should a SMN find themselves in a "tank" party, Diabolos' Favor should be used, and Diabolos should be fighting whatever mob the Tanks are so as to keep the refresh effect on the tanks. In a BLM party the same Diabolos' Favor should be used, but the SMN should position Diabolos near the BLMs as opposed to attacking the current mob the melee are fighting. In a Melee party Ifrit's Favor should be used, and similarly to being in a tank party, Ifrit should be attacking the enemy the melee are attacking so as to keep the Double Attack buff Ifrit's Favor imparts on the melee.

2.2 Secondary task : DD

Nether Blast and Geocrush are great DD Blood Pact: Rages. These will allow you to not have to run up to the mob to use them, do consistent damage to most mobs in dynamis and Geocrush has the added effect of stun which really helps keep your tanks alive.

2.3 Tertiary task : Heal

If you are in a party with a dedicated healer this will be something you will only do in emergency situations and as such could be described as "back-up healing."
If you are the only healer in your party, however, this task becomes much more important. In these situations the best thing to do is to treat your party like a tank party (even if it's a DD one) and maintain Earthen Ward and Noctoshield on your members. If you do this you shouldn't have to heal too much because those buffs will mitigate most of the damage your comrades will take.

Depending on gear, a SMN should be able to do at least 2/3 of these tasks full time in dynamis. With enough MP+/hMP+/refresh gear a SMN can do all 3.

2.4 Special tasks

One special situation where SMNs have an additional use is against the warping mega boss of Dynamis: Beaucedine, Angra Mainyu. Durring this fight a SMN should keep their avatar out and attacking Angra the entire fight so that the rest of the alliance can follow it to Angra whenever the floating jerk warps. Carbuncle, Fenrir and Diabolos make great choices for this task as they all cost the least to maintain.

3. Items and Gear

SMNs should bring Echo Drops and Ginger/Wizard Cookies to every run. Cookies are great food for SMN as the hMP+ helps fill our large MP pools immensely. A SMNs gear should be skewed toward SMN Skill + / hMP+ / Blood Pact Delay - / Refresh / MP + / emnity - equipment. These different gear stats should be used in accordance with the abilities they enhance: SMN Skill + for Blood Pact: Ward, Elemental Siphon, and Avatar's Favor / hMP+ for resting / Blood Pact Delay - for Blood Pact: Rage and Ward / Refresh whenever not resting / etc.

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