Sleeping mobs is the Dynamis pastime of RDM, BRD and as the situation demands, BLM.

RDM/BLM has 3 sleep spells (Sleep, Sleep II and from /BLM,t he AoE Sleepga). RDM A+ enfeebling skill yields a very high chance of landing sleep on mobs that can be slept. RDM are fairly durable with Stoneskin, Phalanx and Blink. RDM Fast Cast job ability also aids RDM in sleeping alot of mobs quickly.

BRD has 2 sleep songs (Foe Lullaby and the AoE Hoarde Lullaby) and cannot be interrupted while singing. BRD Lullaby is light based, so BRD can sleep mobs that cannot be slept with dark based sleep spells.

BLM are often called to assist sleeping large pulls or if RDM and BRD are all dead. BLM have 4 sleep spells (Sleep, Sleep II, the Aoe Sleepga and Sleepga II). BLM often have other responsibilities, like nuking statues, that prevent them from being entirely focused on sleeping mobs.

Some Sound Sleeping Advice

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