Masters of Weaponskills, Skillchain but often only called in slang "TP-Hoarder"

While the DoT might be pretty low on this job, the quality and quantity of Weaponskills is even larger. A Good sam will reach arround 75-85% of his damage with Weaponskill&Skillchain damage.

Due to the damaging nature of this job there are two preferred job-combinations which are SAM/WAR or SAM/NIN

  • While /WAR is to maximize the damage output due to higher Double Attack % and berserk, /NIN guarantees much more survivability. Even tho since the update of Seigan&Third Eye even /WAR has high lasting time before dying even if WSing early.

What to bring:

  • Atk food
    • Not necessary but will increase your performance for a reasonable ammount (even Meat Mithkabobs will do a good job).
  • Gear sets
    • For a flawless performance a good Samurai will always carry multiple sets of Gear
    • TP Gear
      • This gear contains enough Store TP so you reach a 6 hit with your GK (This is Priority No.1!), as well as Haste+% and a fair ammount of accuracy/DEX so you dont miss in a situation you dont want to.
    • STR Gear
      • As well as the TP Gear one of the both most important. This is your WS gear where you, thanks to the nature of YGK, pile up as many STR/Atk as you can to reach high numbers of DMG. 110+ STR is the minimum you want there.
    • Meditate Gear
      • This only includes two pieces of Gear you want to bring, one is a must have, the other one once you get it in Dyna. Myochin Kabuto and Saotome Kote. If you dont bring them you loose 20-80TP per meditate - (20-40TP with only one of the Pieces, 40-80TP with both of them) - and you do NOT want that I would even go and call it inexcuseable if you leave those equips at home on purpose.
    • "Panic" Gear
      • So we piled up ~140 STR, have a good Tp-Setup and mediated, we threw out 3 WS in a row and mob is still not dead but its facing you and it looks angry… at this moment you youre not supposed to go "omg omg omg". Stay calm, cause this will happen to you multiple times when you come as SAM to Dynamis, and thats what we have gear for. Put up Seigan/TE if it goes down too quick, swap yourself to eva/parry gear. Some good Gear choices for this would be: Evasion torque, Boxers Mantle, SH(+30Evasion if you swap that out for hauby), AF Pants etc.

Sufficient Macro Sets

Ok, we have here 20 books with each 20 sets (CTRL&ALT each 10) consisting each 10 macros, which gives us a Whooping 4000 Macros to use.

  • To Have:
    • WS Macros
    • Ability Macros (Hasso, Seigan/TE, Meditate, Sekkanoki etc.)
    • Gear swap Macros - as above one or multiple Macros for changing gear sets
    • /assist Macro - use /assist Tankname , where you put this doesnt matter, as long as you have it. (I for myself have it after a /wait 1 in my Hasso macro, because i use that pretty often)

Samurai's Role to play in Dynamis:

"All" a SAM in Dynamis has to do is to /assist the main tank and kill off a Mob quick enough without dying on every single one. If needed and /war, you can voke statues and kite them with Seigan/TE, tho thats only advised in high people situations so your damage on the Mob is not Missing.

Personal Experience

Personally i seen a lot of SAM death when in low man situation (mostly myself ^~^;;) because people hold back WS, but i do not - like on MNK mobs, so if you see a WS comming, help a fellow SAM out and kill the mob off!

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