Avoiding RPK:

Avoiding RPK is tantamount to preserving your experience points. Here are a few tips compiled by the frequently RPK'd.

Don't /befriend Rathiel

Once Rathiel is added to your friendlist, the potential for RPK filled adventures increases expontentially.

Never, ever volunteer for "Special Ops"

Special Ops is Rathanese for suicide teams. If you ignored "Don't /befriend Rathiel" and are on Rath's friendlist, you are guaranteed a spot in the Special Ops team.

Don't brag about your buffer in front of Rath

RPK isn't about deleveling. Its about keeping you in a constant state of fear of deleveling. If Rath hears you actually have substantial buffer, he will driven to try to reduce it to under 10k.

Avoid experiments and anything suggested by Rath that is preceded by "Let's try this"

This terminology indicates an event or strategy that Rath is unfamiliar with. The unknown has max RPK potential even if Rath is unaware of exactly how the RPK will happen.

Never let Rath pull

This seems obvious but Rath does like to pull. Do everything in your power to make someone else the puller. A MNK throwing pebbles or a WAR pulling with voke is a safer option than Rath.

Surviving RPK:

The only sure fire way to avoid RPK is to avoid Rath. Even if you go through great lengths to avoid Rathiel, you could be inadvertently RPK'd through some horrible twist of fate. So here are some standard survival practices that could help you preserve your experience points

Always Reraise when Rath is around

If you are foolishly doing an activity with Rath, you should always be sure to RR at the start. Sometimes Rath will wait for your RR to be dispelled or wear, so be diligent with the reapplication of it. Scrolls of Instant Reraise are a must.

If you note that Rathiel is in the same zone as you, it is prudent to RR. You never know what is following Rath.

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