Dynamis Qufim

Requirements to Enter:

  • Have Promathia Mission 3-5 completed
  • 65 Job or Higher
  • Maximum number of people who can enter this zone is 36

Relic Gears Dynamis-Qufim Has to Offer:

AF Regular Head Legs Legs Legs Feet Head Legs Head Hands Head Hands Head Hands Feet Legs
Accessory - - Belt Belt Cape Cape - Cape - Belt Belt - Belt Cape Belt
AF(-1) Feet Feet Feet Feet Feet Feet Feet Feet Feet Feet Feet Feet Feet Feet Feet

Accessory Drop List:

Accessories Nightmare Monsters
Melee Cape
Cleric's Belt
Monster Belt
Wyrm Belt
Summoner's Cape
Nightmare Dirmite
Nightmare Stirge
Nightmare Weapon
Nightmare Tiger
Duelist's Belt
Assassin's Cape
Abyss Cape
Scout's Belt
Saotome Koshi-Ati
Nightmare Gaylas
Nightmare Kraken
Nightmare Raptor
Nightmare Roc
Nightmare Snoll


Objectives to Complete

  1. Unlock Subjobs
  2. Scolopendra
  3. Suttung
  4. Ice Elemental
  5. Antaeus (60 Minute Time Extension)
  6. AF Farming

Items to Bring

  1. Reraiseā€¦ Reraise and Reraise!
  2. Echo Drops

Note: Bringing 2-3 members who are Red Mage/Dark Knight for Chainspell Stun on Antaeus make the final Boss fight much easier keeping him in a total lock down for a good 60 seconds.

There is no time to fight a lot of unnecessary Monsters or have time to recover from alliance wipes. Everyone needs to be aware of their surroundings.

It is recommended that you bring the maximum amount of people into the zone as possible. You need to move quickly and efficiently in order to clear the boss in the lotted 60 minute time limit.


Due to the location of the subjob ??? removal point having several locations that it can spawn in, it is best to have 2-3 members of the team enter the zone as soon as possible and split up to find the ???. Each person who is sent to scout out the ??? must have reraise as well as be able to take multiple deaths as you'll inevitably be training plenty of mobs to the possible location of the ??? subjob removal point. The map posted above lists all the possible ??? locations. Have your scouts decide who will be checking what points prior to entering the zone.

Jobs that ideally work best for this mission:

  • Bard: Mazurka + Hymnus
  • Thief: Reraise Haipins + Flee
  • White Mage: (Not the best but it can work)

Main Alliance Role:

Starting at Point A your main alliance will not have their subjob realeased yet most likely but it is important to kill while your scouts look for the subjob location. There are Bats that can be pulled from the North, Northwest and Southwest of the lake. Each of these bat pulls comes with 4 bats. You'll want to have extra provokers out there to help hold off hate from the mages who are sleeping. (Remember most likely the mages will not have subjobs yet so they will fall quickly)

After killing the bat pops from each of the 3 tunnels the team should have their subjobs unlocked and are ready to move onto point B It is Very Important that all members huge tightly to the Northern wall while going past the Quadav Statues to avoid spawning Quadavs from the statues. After passing above the Quadav Statues head to the very far west to hold camp there. It may be possible that the Water Elemental in the area can be pulled as a means for melee to build TP on as well as give Black Mages Water spell nukes for the Mega Boss. Once the melee alliance is set have a Thief pull the Kraken from down below where the Beastmaster Quest takes place at. Healers need to be ready to have Curaga's ready for their melee party as the Kraken has a very powerful AoE that can kill the melee's in two AoE moves.
What Does Killing the Kraken Do? It takes off the massive Regen that the Mega Boss would have.

By now we should be between 15 and 20 minutes through the run. To make up time to ensure ample time to kill the MB as well as take out Suttung, a member of the team (most likely a thief for flee ability) can sacrifice on the statues that block the path on the way to the tower.
It is not necessary to sacrifice this pull, However it can save 5-10 minutes of killing time as you avoid the 9 Quadavs that pop from the statues. This gives should guarantee plenty of time to get your alliance to Suttang and prepare for Anaeus


Red Path: This is the Path the Thief will run doing the sacrifice. The alliance needs to make sure they stand a good distance away from the thief when going for the sacrifice. Thief can have reraise on or have a White Mage return to raise After sacrifice is done.
Green Path This will be where everyone in the main alliance runs after the Thief has started the loop. Make Sure thief has gotten all hate from the spawned mobs before running through to the next camp. Avoid the Goblins in the Tower and Snolls in the open while making way to the next camp in the corner.

Point C Fairly basic here: clear out the 3 Rocs that block the pathway to the north. Be advised the Rocs have a powerful AoE that also inflicts silence to anyone who gets hit with it. Point F Also is in very close proximity to this camp. If the Elemental Does aggro take it out then it is not a big deal. Onward to Camp D where we must kill a few Goblins before getting to Suttung: 6 Goblins are in this pull: Summoner, Ninja, Red Mage, Dragoon, Bard, and a Thief. After the goblins are killed the melee alliance will move to Point D where the Goblin Statues were originally and hold that down for camp. Mages should be resting up at this point while the puller goes on ahead to prepare for the Suttung pull back to the camp. On this pull its likely there maybe some Snolls to kill prior to pulling Suttung. If time remaining is greater than 20 minutes its safer to just pull the Snolls out of the way first to make for an easier Suttung pull.
For Suttung Whitemage will need to keep up with curaga's again as it spams powerful AoE moves. Its important here not to have too many deaths especially if the time limit is approaching or has approached the 10 minute mark already. After its death there maybe many melee members who need to be erased as its bind is very powerful.

Hurry back to camp F Where the alliance will prepare for the Mega Boss fight. 3 minutes should be all that is needed for this fight, as if it goes on any longer the fight will start to favor Anteaus. If the Ice Elemental hasn't already been killed now is the time to do it to build TP for the melee. If the Water Elemental was killed before Black Mages and Red Mages can use both Water spells and Ice spells on Anteaus. Ideally it'd be helpful to have 3 RDM/DRK for chainspell Stuns. One Red Mage will initially start with the stuns, the next Red Mage will start with the Stuns 15 seconds or so after the first, and so on. The melees will Use their Two-Hours (if appropriate) to dish out as much damage as they quickly can. The Chainspell stuns should keep Anteaus in a lock down for 60-90 seconds giving ample time for melee to get off as much damage as they can. Anything longer and there is a lot of risk of it going on rampage and wiping half the alliance in seconds. Once the Mega Boss is defeated there is a 60 minute time extension given where the team can then set course onto what AFs they'd like to farm. The chart above can be used to determine what monsters to fight in order for a certain type of AF and the map below will give a general layout of Dynamis-Qufim after the Mega Boss has been defeated.

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