Puppet Master!

If you're reading this you're either a first time PUP to Dynamis looking for an idea of what you should be doing or any other job trying to understand exactly what it is that PUP is capable of doing in Dynamis. I'm hoping after reading this guide you'll have a much stronger idea of what those things are and how to best approach the question;

What the heck does PUP actually do?!~

A lot of people will tell you that PUP is a melee and should therefore be grouped with the melees. That line of thinking couldn't be farther from the truth. PUP is, in truth, one of the most versatile jobs in FF11. Therein lies the problem; Because Puppet Master falls so far into the Grey line between all jobs its really hard for anyone, even the Puppet Master, to really decide where a PUP should be in Dynamis.

Puppet Master is capable of nuking/timed nukes. The Spiritreaver (BLM) puppet can put out some decent numbers depending on attachments and the master's gear.

Puppet Master is capable of healing. The Soulsoother (WHM) puppet can keep a party of six alive as long as the master stays out of AoE range.

Puppet Master is capable of damage dealing. The Valoredge (PLD) and Sharpshot (RNG) frames can both put out decent numbers in Dynamis.

Those three statements can define what PUP is AND make it vauge all at once. Because Puppet Master can fill so many roles decently it often becomes difficult for party leaders to decide on what role the LS PUPs should be filling each run. Usually in Soymilk a PUP will be put in the melee alliance and while this is a great role, PUP is wasted there.

Melee Alliance

In the melee alliance the PUP will be expected to DD and the Sharpshot (RNG) and Valoredge (PLD) frames are excellent for this task, however there is another role the PUP can perform as a melee. As stated before, with the proper attachments and conditions the Soulsoother (WHM) frame can keep a party of six alive for the entirty of the run.

Advice for PUPs wishing to fill that role is pretty simple. Stay away from the melee party. Keep your distance the entire time and let your automaton do it's job. Because of the distance from the actual fighting your subjob is pretty much up in the air. /Cor is a nice sub, it lets you run in and make rolls while your automaton is busy and keeps you from getting bored.

Pulling/BLM alliance

This is where you want to be. PUP is suited to kiting statues and the Spiritreaver automaton can easily handle the job with the proper gear and attachments. Notable gear for this task is pretty much anything with Pet: Magic Accuracy on it. You can never have enough. Once geared properly and with a /Nin subjob you can easily pop a Ventriloquy after an opening nuke to keep the statue firmly on you, your automaton will finish the statue on the next nuke. This leave the BLMs with more MP for the various things they have to do.

Your automaton can also participate in timed nukes. Your damage, with the right gear, will be just as high as theirs and in some cases a little higher.

Suggested Gear for Automaton Nuking Gear that affects Automaton Melee
Mirke Wardecors ( +7 MAB/+7MACC ) Mirke Wardecors ( +15ACC/+15R.ACC, +15 ATK/+15R.ATK, +2% Double Attack/+2% Critical Hit )
Pantin Churidars ( +5MACC ) Beak Necklace ( Augmented Gear +1 to 5 ATK/+1 to 5 R.ATK )
Sarcenet Cape ( Augmented Gear +1MACC ) Angel's Earring ( Augmented Gear +1ACC/+1R.ACC )
Brocade Obi ( Augmented Gear +1 to 3 MACC ) Ruby Earring ( Augmented Gear +1 to 5 ATK/+1 to 5 R.ATK )
Diamond Earring ( Augmented Gear +1 to 2 MAB ) Spinel Earring ( Augmented Gear +1 to 3 ACC/+1 to 3 R.ACC )
Sapphire Earring ( Augmented Gear +1 to 2 MACC ) Angel's Ring ( Augmented Gear +1 to 2 ACC/+1 to 2 R.ACC )
Pantin Babouches ( +5 MAB ) Pantin Cape ( +15 ATK )
Pantin Tobe ( +10 ACC )
Pantin Dastanas ( +3% Haste )

Suggested Merits for Automaton Nuking

Optimization ( +5 MAB per Merit. Max of 5 )
Automaton Magic Skill ( +2 Magic Skill points per merit. Max of 5 merits. )

In short, PUP can fill most any role in Dynamis, it's up to you.

Hey you guys! Tatjiana here, and I'd like to share my experience as a pup. I actually duo'd my pup to 75 with a bst friend of mine, and for those pups who really aren't into the blm burn thing, or don't have the ranged puppet's RA leveled, (i'm ashamed to say that I don't, but I do have the frame at least) perhaps this may be a decent suggestion.

When I was duoing with bst friend, I used war head and rdm body. Essentially, I had my frame slow and bio every mob, then follow up with the "evasion down" weaponskill (sorta random, but *shrug* he does it when he has tp and it really destroys a mob's evsasion) and that really destroyed mobs. Perhaps a well-placed pup/cor in the melee alliance can easily get off debuffing spells on (almost) every mob that the alliance tp-burns. Obviously we try to slow every mob, but wouldn't it be nice to have a dia II on every burned mob? Or, every other burned mob? One thing I also noticed is that a fully upgraded rdm frame (body and head) delivers a VERY potent paralyze. Since para is directly related to mnd differences, perhaps this would be a nice thing to have on every (or every other) mob we fight!

That's my piece! Remember, pups, be wary of Electronic Ghonnorea…..The Silent Killer!

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