Basic Dynamis Paladin overview by Kurosawa

First of all the basics, C & P from FFXIclopedia:

Job Abilities
Level Name
01 Invincible
05 Holy Circle
15 Shield Bash
30 Sentinel
35 Cover
62 Rampart
75 (Merit) Fealty
75 (Merit) Chivalry

Job Traits
Level Name
05 Undead Killer
10 Defense Bonus
20 Resist Sleep
25 Shield Mastery I
30 Defense Bonus II
35 Auto Refresh
40 Resist Sleep II
50 Defense Bonus III
50 Shield Mastery II
60 Resist Sleep III
70 Defense Bonus IV
75 Shield Mastery III
75 (Merit) Guardian
75 (Merit) Iron Will

Spell List
Level Spell
05 Cure
07 Banish
10 Protect
17 Cure II

Level Spell
20 Shell
30 Cure III
30 Protect II
34 Banish II

Level Spell
37 Flash
40 Shell II
50 Protect III
50 Raise

Level Spell
55 Cure IV
55 Holy
60 Shell III
70 Protect IV

As anyone who knows me knows, Paladin is the FFXI job I am most passionate about and indeed it's the reason I love and play the game. Though I don't consider myself the authority on the job, I've been at it long enough where I feel I can make a solid summery of it's roles and responsibilities in Dynamis.


Paladin's are used to fill several different roles in Dynamis runs. Of course, more than any other event in the game, Dynamis is where old-school PLD/WAR shines. The combination of hate control and durability the job brings, along with it's ability to handle certain hard-hitting enemies, such as Monk mobs using the "Hundred Fists" ability, has made PLD/WAR the tank of choice in Dynamis for years now.

So the bread and butter job of a PLD in Dynamis is to tank, calling out the mobs as they are delivered to melee camp by the puller. This is done in Soymilk by calling the mob in linkshell chat. The standard method is to "Provoke" the mob as it comes to camp, then use "Flash" on it, and if the timer is up, to use another job ability for hate gain, such as "Warcry". The "Rampart" and "Sentinel" abilities are to be used mostly in situations where the mob is a monk (for Sentinel) or a heavy AoE magic-user for Rampart (as in the case of NIN mobs who use the deadly "Mijin Gakure" job ability). When tanking in SM dynamis, Paladins usually eat defensive foods such as Tavnazian Tacos, and keep up the "Defender" job ability full-time.

Extra Paladins besides the main tank of the run are expected to step in should the main tank fall, and it's also the responsibility of the back-up Paladins to assist the main PLD on dangerous Monk mobs by using the "Cover" and "Sentinel" abilities to help them absorb "Hundred Fists". In addition, as in all situations, Paladins should heal alliance and ls members as much as they can. MP sitting dormant is wasted MP. With recent updates to "Bash" abilities, Paladins can also save themselves-and the ls-quite a bit of damage and MP with well timed-stuns on dangerous enemy abilities.

Paladins are also called on to assist with pulls of Zone NMs and Mega-Bosses, taking the desired mob to camp while the sacrifice puller trains the other mobs away. This is typically how area bosses are delivered to the ls group in camp. Once the Paladin has brought the mob to camp, they are often called on to use the two-hour "Invincible" Job Ability to spike their hate to it's highest and allow other jobs to let loose with their most powerful spells and attacks. In some situations, Paladins are also expected to use this ability in order, one picking up after the last Paladins' "Invincible" has reached it's 30-second limit.

In the absence of Ninjas, who are the standard pullers for Dynamis mobs in SM runs, an extra Paladin can well fill this role. Knowing the kill order and mob names for this is vital, and in these situations, the pulls are to be announced in /shout text.

Paladins are also called on to group with the mages in front who are sleeping mobs in pulls, using "Provoke" and "Flash" to help keep hate on the sleepers down, and to help heal the sleepers once they are attacked.

Lastly, the back-up Paladins in the melee alliance can assist by dealing out damage just like any other melee job. With the proper gear, Paladin is a much better damage dealer then many realize, with solid and dependable DoT from their low-delay swords. Staff, Great Sword and Clubs are also viable options, but all PLDs need to be prepared to switch to tank equips immediately.

Strong, dependable Paladin play is a staple of successful Dynamis runs. By working with each other and with fellow ls members, Paladin is an essential contributor to the team, and can allow the other jobs to perform their duties efficiently and safely.

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