Melee Pulling,

This guild will be updated when I have ideas

To start off, what a melee puller does is. Pull slept mobs to tanks, so the melee can whack them with their little sticks. The thing to remember as a melee puller is. Don’t stop!!!!! Melee alliance standing around sniffing each other bums is a good waist of Gil.

Ok so let’s talk about pulling.

When in a Dynamis run, we have a main puller. Normally a THF. The THF will pull a stat and its pops to the group of mages and sleepers. A melee puller can stand up with mages if he/she chooses, but there is no need to go past. As you will just take that much longer getting the slept mob awake and back to melee. Now, once the mobs are slept, the melee puller starts picking off mobs and pulling them back.

How I have been doing this and I think the tanks like it, is.
First pick the mob, I will discuss mobs pull orders later. Voke first. If you wake the mob before voking a sleeper is going to get hit!! Not Cool. Wake the mob. Use ranged, “if skilled, I am capped Throwing as NIN and miss a good amount of times” ; ; elemental tools work real well, poison tools are great, that keep sleepers from sleeping your pull, Once voked and woke up, then run to the melee.

How I like to pull is, I attack the mob. The reason I do this is.
1. Slowly helps build TP for those pulls I need a little extra hate to pull off sleepers.
2. When pulling back the tanks can just use a /assist Kamel macro to get mob off me fast.
3. I’m cheap and burning a couple bags of tools each run is not in my Gil budget.
4. Helps with timers. 30 seconds a voke some times is a LONG time and you will be standing around waiting for timer to finish.

Ok now we run the mob back to melee, if the mob is one that uses range attack, remember you need to run pass the melee party. We place melee parties in their place to help with lag and to have the mages and melee apart in case of noobsfest kicks in and we wipe. We want to Tank to not move much.
Once the tank has the mob, disengage and run up and pick off a new mob to bring back, if the mobs are close enough you can just run towards your new target and use “switch target”. Always try to finish set mobs in the order they are pulled, if you let a mob sit too long sleep resistance builds and the sleepers build crazy hate and will make life hard when pulling back to melee.

Sometimes the melee will still be working on a mob. PLDs and THF are examples due to their cheats of taking no damage 2hour. Just pop on some evasion gear and melee the mob till tanks take over. Or if a sleeper is nearby they will sleep it near the melee party. If a sleeper puts the new mob to sleep, just keep a voke on it and help kill the mob the melee is on. Make sure tanks have mob before you take off to get next victim.

Ok now we have the basis on how to pull to melee. The important part… What order to pull? This was hard for me at first. Really hard. Pulling mobs is easy just pulling them so we kill fast is something you will learn over time.
Here is a guild to what job to pull. This guild will be changed!!! I’m sure some will disagree. But lucky I or you will be pulling and will be in charge of the order. Suggestions are welcomed of course, again like I stated this will be modified to correct errors I have made.
1. Always pull the mob with a pet first!!!!! Always!!!!
a. SMN and BST MUST be pulled first especially SMN
b. I try to pull DRG first if not a SMN or BST or after SMN or BST, but depends if a BLM is in group then I pull DRG after BLM, Tanks please always take down DRG pets as soon as DRG is down. As melee puller if you see the DRG pet still up. Just target the Pet and wait for tanks to get that.
2. BLMs
3. Melee jobs!! WAR, DRK, SAM… so on so on. Not THFs or PLDs
4. BRDs I try to pull these near last cause BLMs at times like to burn these,
5. PLD, THF. WHMs Reason I wait to pull these close to last is cause, at this time BLM should be good on mp to help burn during the 2hour.
6. NIN Big bada BOoM!!!
7. MNK. EVIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Try to save these for last. These are evil. Stun for these are nice and our BLMs have been working on popping hundred fists for us now so leaving them till last gives time for that.
8. Pets if mages haven’t burned then.
9. I try to save NM for last, because it’s nice to have all members zerging these. As these are MP drains if we kill slow. Full DD is very helpful

Now as I stated before this is a guild I try to follow, you can change it around a little if you wish and see fit, but Mobs with Pets Must be pulled first. Also each pull is different, so you can adjust as you go. A lot of times this guild is easier then you think, usually 2-4 mobs are pulled “Normally” and that just means you need to look at those 4 and run this though you head. Or a /tell to me or one of the leaders of the LS. This isn’t a set in stone guide and doesn’t mean certain mobs are stronger just, after pulling for about a year now I have found this to be a good reference for me, “even though it’s been in my head” when pulling to melee.

Melee pullers also need to watch mages that might be getting attacked. At times sleepers may be dead or getting resisted. This will change the order of mobs you pull. Again the order is not set in stone, just kind of a best practices guide. Except those damn SMN!!!!!! Get those first!!! Lol we all make mistake and if you pull a SMN second its fine. Just remember we don’t want a MOB with a pet up long.

Things to bring as melee puller,
1. Enmity gear. Make a voke macro to swap in enmity gear, sorry to say but as a 75 NIN you should have that anyways. You will need to get this off sleepers. They build lots of hate keeping mobs slept. Not too much that PLD can’t get the mob off you…. Laugh but, it happened’s
2. Enmity food, I don’t always need to this but then again I have lots of enmity in my voke macro but good to bring just in case. Dorado sushi is nice to help with range acc, acc and enmity.
3. Tools, 2 bags min. of blinks, any elemental tools if you want to bring,
4. Focus… Melee puller needs to be on it.

For those wanting to do some melee pulling I’ll be glad to assist, chances are I might be main pulling so I can help you pick the mobs in the order we have put together.

More about mobs will be added as I find time to look them up. I plan on making a per run list in order of pulling. Melee pullers need to learn JOBs of mobs. Some are easy as they have the name of the job in their name. Other s not so much…

Some useful macros that can be used to help in Ninja Pulling are found on…
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