Dynamis 103 - Mob Priorities

Dynamis can be a high pressure situation. We all need to be thinking and not just smacking whatever mob is closest. At the same time, we need to be listening to those in charge of the run.

Below are a few of the things that determine in what order mobs are killed.

Mobs that are never meleed (unless specifically told to by an Officer)
-Statues - super damaging AoE if meleed
-Slimes (goblin BST pet) - super damaging AoE if meleed
-Avatars - can astral flow if they are awake
-Orc NM - can charmga if they are awake

Mob Priority
-If a mob is accidentally DoT'd, that mob needs to be killed first!

Kill order
Dynamis mobs possess all the inherent job traits and 2 hrs that PC's do, so we consider them by job class.

Please note that although most mage mobs are at the front of the list it is likely that they will be burned by mages. Pay attention to LS chat or Mage Burn lead to know if they need to be pulled or left behind for burning. Pay special attention to MNK mobs. Often mages will use one strong burn to make them 2 hour and then sleep them to let Hundred Fists wear. If you wake the MNK mobs while their 2 hour is active you will kill at least 1 sleeper and 1 BLM from our team. It may not seem like much but it considerably slows us down.

BST and SMN should be killed first. BST pets can immobilize an entire alliance quickly and astral flowing avatars can kill everyone.

These mobs are the most dangerous to the alliance and need to be killed ASAP!

After BST are killed, their pets may be burned or meleed but you must wait until the BST is dead or it may resummon.

All BST pets need to be silenced and stay silenced!

BST pets
Yagudo - Crows - AoE Silence
Orcs - Hecteyes - AoE Dispel - Must be slept by BRD
Quadavs - Scorpions - AoE Petrify
Goblins - Slimes - AoE Paralysis
Hydra - Hounds - AoE Blind
Demons - Wyvern - AoE Dispel

The SMN is not dangerous but should its avatar wake up and the SMN uses {Astral Flow}, the resulting 2hr can wipe the alliance.

SMN avatars must remain asleep until the SMN is dead.

BLM & BRD mobs are killed early on because they have AoE sleep spells.

If a pull has both BRD and BLM, BRD should be killed first because they are more difficult to silence. (BRD job ability is {Resist Silence})

BLM and BRD mobs must be silenced and stay silenced!

AoE sleepga doesn't usually wipe the alliance but it can cause problems with getting mobs reslept.

BLM -ga's can be very damaging to large parts of the alliance.

PLD job ability is {Resist Sleep}, so PLD mobs, especially demons, do not sleep well.

A PLD will not wipe an alliance but they can kill sleepers which can cause lots of problems.

PLD mobs must be silenced otherwise they will heal themselves. Their high defense makes them slow kills to begin with. They also like to cast buffs on themselves and surrounding mobs, making them harder to silence and kill.

These mobs have a naturally high resistance to magic and a tendency to cast shell on themselves, making it harder to sleep them.

They can also heal and buff other mobs.

RDM mobs must be silenced and stay silenced!

Melee Mobs (DRK + RNG + THF + SAM + WAR + DRG)
These mobs are not inherently difficult to sleep. Their 2hrs can be dangerous, particularly RNG's EES which can one shot most jobs. But generally, these mobs do not wipe an alliance.

DRG wyverns are not very dangerous, they are easy to sleep, and they have MP. They should be killed near last to give RDMs and BLMs chances to aspir for MP.

MNK's 2 hour, {Hundred Fists}, can kill. If tanks go down and things spiral out of control, a large portion of the alliance can take a very amount heavy damage.

If the sleepers aren't too busy, they can attempt to defuse the MNK by triggering {Hundred Fists} and then sleeping it until the ability wears off.

We kill MNK towards the end of a pull so to avoid having weakened players while there are other mobs to be killed.

The Spells that give magical spikes effects such as Ramuh's Blood Pact Lightning Armor, the MNK NM will help kill himself when he uses his 2 Hour Ability.

NIN 2 hr {Mijin Gakure} can wipe an alliance. We kill NIN at the end of a pull to avoid having the alliance dead or weak while there are other mobs killed.

Barfira and/or Fire Carol is a must for NIN mobs!

WHM mobs have the bad habit of using benediction and waking up every other mob nearby. Their benediction range seems to be a good bit wider than PC's range. If melee are well separated from sleeping mobs pull these after RDMs if they are close it is easy for them to cause a wipe by waking up all mobs at hte same time and having them all gang up on sleepers.

NM mobs
Named or NM Beastmen have special abilities based on race.

Yagudo - Doom
Orcs - Charmga
Quadav - AoE knock back and gravity

Generally NM are killed last in a pull unless the NM is a BST or SMN. BST and SMN NM are killed first.

Orc NM are typically not meleed because they can Charmga the party. Orc NM are usually burned by BLM.

Dynamis Xarcabard
Dynamis Xarcabard has ahriman type mobs in place of statues. In general, ahriman mobs should be killed before all other types of mobs.

The only exception is during NM pulls. During NM pulls, listen carefully for officer instructions on pull order.

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