Strategy by Job

Click on the image of the job you wish to read about. If the page is not created yet, we invite you to create it. If you useful information that you feel you can add please do so. Use the Bard guide as a template of minimum things you can discuss in your own guides.

brd.gif bst.gif blm.gif blu.gif cor.gif dnc.gif drk.gif drg.gif mnk.gif nin.gif
Bard Beastmaster Black Mage Blue Mage Corsair Dancer Dark Knight Dragoon Monk Ninja
pld.gif pup.gif rng.gif rdm.gif sam.gif sch.gif smn.gif thf.gif war.gif whm.gif
Paladin Puppetmaster Ranger Red Mage Samurai Scholar Summoner Thief Warrior White Mage
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