Ripping New Ones, One Mob at a Time

Useful Macros

Turn off Auto Target:

/autotarget off

Assist Tank:

/as "TankName"

Support Jobs

WAR - Increased Base Attack, Berserk and War Cry, Double Attack and Provoke, Offensive Breath Attack.
SAM - Faster TP Gain, Meditate, Seigan, Third Eye, Zanshin, Hasso, Offensive Breath Attack.
whm - With AF Helm can assist in healing, Curative Breath.
NIN - Shadows, Offensive and Curative Breath (Both Weaker).

Helpful Gear

Volan's Greves - Jump Acc +4, Enhanced Jump Effects.
Barone Cosciales - Jump TP+
Swift Belt - Haste + 4%

Helpful Merits

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