Corsair Dynamis Guide by Raltga


Corsair (hereafter COR) is a job with a multitude of responsibilities inside a Dynamis zone. First, some basics to keep in mind while representing the Seagull Pirates. Party chat in your macros are generally not advised; the single exception to this is the Job Ability "Random Deal." Your Random Deal macro should have a party chat line notifying your party that their Job Abilities are reset. Sub /WHM! Although there are many situations in which /RNG, /WAR and /NIN are good subs for COR, in Dynamis /WHM is the best.


In a SoyMilk dynamis run a COR will be required to do three tasks:

Primary task : Buff parties.

Using Phantom Rolls a COR can augment their part members stats and abilities to far surpass that which they are able to do without it. Depending on what party and situation you find yourself in the rolls you should use will be different.

DD Party with a BRD: If your party is lucky enough to have a BRD in addition to your COR you have many good choices for rolls. In this situation the two rolls you use should depend on what DD jobs you have in your party. If you have a WAR, Fighter's Roll; if you have a DRK, Chaos Roll; if you have a RNG, Hunger's Roll; finally, if you have a SAM, Samurai Roll. Your mages will receive Evoker's and Healer's Roll.

DD Party without a BRD: If you are the lone support job in your party it is best to focus on using only Hunter's and Chaos rolls on your DD. They have the most direct impact withing dynamis toward improving your party members performance. Your mages will receive Evoker's and Healer's Roll.

Tank Party: In a tank party you should have Evoker's Roll on all members (A Luzahf's Ring will help in this endeavor greatly, get one from an Aht Urgahn Sanction NPC as they are a free addition to your bag of tricks). Beyond that tanks should receive either Dancer's Roll or Magus's Roll (Dancer's for most situations, Magus's for when they are tanking Black Mage mobs), and the mages should receive Healer's roll in addition to Evoker's.

Mage Party: In a mage party you should rotate through Evoker's Roll, Healer's Roll, Wizard's Roll and Warlock's Roll depending on what your party is doing. During normal play (when the mage party is sleeping mobs) it is best to maintain Evoker's and Warlock's Roll. If they are resting Evoker's and Healers Roll will get their MP back very quickly. If the BLMs are burning something Wizard's and Warlock's Roll should both be on.

Secondary task : Sleep Mobs

Light Shot is a great ability. Ensure you always come prepared with a full stack of Light Cards to any dynamis. Although the usual team of BLMs and RDMs can sleep most of the mobs we will encounter in dynamis, there are times when additional assistance is necessary. Sometimes a pull will bring more mobs than intended, or a stray mob will resist the BLM's sleep. In those cases a Light Shot is literally a life saver. When the puller, Rathiel or other officer calls for all sleepers to be at a certain position, as a COR you should be there. Annother situation where Light Shot is excellent is against certain mob pets such as the Hecteyes found in Dynamis - Sandoria. Those mobs are immune to the dark based sleep that RDMs and BLMs employ and thus only BRDs, WHMs and CORs can sleep them. Since your Light Shot is the fastest sleep in the game these are situations where you can be an indispensable addition to the sleeping team.

Tertiary task : Heal

As a COR you can function as a back-up healer in a DD or Tank party by providing support to the WHMs in erasing bad status effects with the -na series of spells and erase. Also you can help cure members low on HP. In a mage party you will be primary healers (BLMs will have some ability to cure themselves but if the COR can throw more cures around BLMs can focus on their primary duties more).

Special tasks

If you are lucky enough to have a piece of gear which allows enhanced movement speed (Herme's Sandals, Crimson Pants, Skadi Feet) you can kite mobs in situations that call for them. Maintain Blink and Stoneskin and use elemental damage Quick Draws to maintain hate on your mob as you kite.

In zerg situations, where we have to defeat a mob quickly, a Quick Draw spam can do upwards of 2400 dmg in a matter of seconds. To do this use the following abilities: Quick Draw > Quick Draw > Random Deal > Quick Draw > Quick Draw > Wild Card > Quick Draw > Quick Draw > Random Deal > Quick Draw > Quick Draw.

Quick Draw should also be used when a PLD or THF mob is under the effect of their 2hrs of Invincible and Perfect Dodge respectively as it ignores these 2hrs. This is the ONLY way you should be doing damage during a normal dynamis run.

Things NOT to Do

Although there are areas of the game where COR DD can be potent, Dynamis is NOT one of them. Either meleeing for TP or shooting for TP is a completely redundant and nigh dangerous activity. A COR should never be up on the front lines of battle swinging away with a Joyuse or shooting their gun at the current mob. Your damage is not worth the TP you are giving the mob and is redundant as DDs are the one thing we will consistently have plenty of in a dynamis event. IF you insist on doing damage your best source will be from Quick Draw as it gives mobs no TP and does a good amount of burst dmg, this can be useful for depleting that final 1 or 2% of HP a mob can be at. Another benefit of Quick Draw is it ignores the 2hrs of Invincible and Perfect Dodge: these are the situations and the way in which a COR should do damage, when no one else can not when everyone else is.

Items and Gear

As /WHM you'll want to gear so you have as much AGI and MP as possible. AGI for Quick Draw accuracy and MP for more cures / erases / -na spells etc. Elemental Staffs (HQ if you can afford them) will help immensely, especially Light Staff. Bullets and Cards are definitely required.

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