Tips for dynamis for Beastmasters:

  • Watch your pet!
    • If your pet can do an AoE move, it might be better to not hit Sic because you could wake sleeping mobs.
    • If you're fighting mobs that can do AoE, watch your pet and make sure he doesn't start attacking things it shouldn't.
      • You should just heel your pet to reset it's hate and send it after the correct target.
  • Make friendly macros for your benefit!
    • Try putting /echo Fight target in your fight macro to help your targeting of mobs.
    • It's also possible to put an assist command in your fight macro to help with space.
  • Bring along pet food.
    • Mobs do like to sleepga.
    • Jugs cost money or farming time so use the cookies to keep them up.
  • You are a survivalist!
    • Sub WHM and volunteer to take a small party to support if needed.
    • Ideal at supporting 1 to 2 people.
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