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So much spoonyness, so little bard.

Bard is one of the most versatile and busy jobs in dynamis. I would go as far as saying if you are not constantly busy in dynamis you are probably missing out on a great deal of potential. Bards in SM are expected to participate in supporting melee, tanks and mages with songs, participate in healing, pulling, suicides, sleeping of mobs, and all those small random acts that make runs smooth.
In this guide I will first go over some general details that may help you choose macros, gear and abilities to use in during runs and afterwards I will go over the particular situations of each role you may be asked to assume during runs. I would also ask that you review the guides for the jobs that you may be participating with in dynamis, particularly RDM, BLM, WHM, SCH and COR whom you'll be coordinating with mostly. Lastly, please feel free to send me messages with anything you feel I should add or edit to the guide, but if you wish to add links to the other pages feel free to edit yourself whenever you see fit to add a ling to a word.


Macros & Spells:

There probably won't be much of a difference between your main macro book and your dynamis macros, but there are a few important pitfalls you need to verify you aren't making. First of all take off all party chat from your macros; I can't stress this enough. You will be constantly casting and there are 2 things that excess party chat will cause:

  • First, excess party chat in macros causes lag. Lag delays reaction time on re-sleeping mobs and kills sleepers. Lag delays WHMs on noticing HP or casting cures and kills tanks. Lag kills. All it takes for a mob to kill a player in dynamis is 1-7 hits. Some jobs are squishier than others but in general 1 or 2 extra seconds of lag is often the difference between life and death. 1 or 2 seconds of lag may cost the puller the chance of hitting the mob at that exact moment when it won't link those 2 other statues. Bard animations alone cause a lot of lag, add spam party chat on top of that and you may effectively ruin the run with a bad link, cause the main RDM not to notice a mob is awake until the mobs is already smacking them, mess up a timed burn causing all the other eyes to link in Xarcabard, etc.
  • Second, excess party chat makes other players start ignoring party chat. We all do this. Once enough things that we aren't really interested in start happening in party chat, we stop reading. Haven't you ever been in a party where the tank has a macro for every time he casts utsusemi, vokes or does anything? How long is it until you stop reading what they type? How hard is it to communicate instructions clearly when there is a stream of spam pushing the important messages off the chat log?

Bard does not have any vital abilities or spells that need to be communicated to the party often enough that it requires it to be macroed in for every single time you cast. Maybe you will remind BLMs that you used thunder threnody on the boss statue when it's pulled, or tell them to gather so you can get your 2 hour off with nightingale or troubadour, but none of these will happen more often that every 2 hours and can simply be typed.
It is therefore imperative that you start your dynamis macro set (and any other end-game related macro set) by removing all party chat that is not crucial to the success of the event. In SM you will be asked to remove party chat.
Now, on to actual macros and what you will need most:

  • Debuffs: Foe Lullaby, Horde Lullaby, Ice threnody, Lightning Threnody, Magic Finale, Carnage Elegy, Foe Requiem V
  • Buffs: Mage's Ballad I & II, Fire Carol, Valor Minuet IV, Victory March, Blade Madrigal
  • Spells: Cure III, Stoneskin, Blink, Phalanx (if /RDM), erase, silena, paralyna

This is a list of your top 20 spells, you may want to switch out some of the melee songs depending on what food items they are using. If possible, try to ask your melee what food they will be using and see if they can't coordinate. Remember: Meats need acc songs and suchi needs attack songs. Usually 1 haste song is the default, but ask your party what they want or what they are geared for. If you are in a BLM party ask BLMs if they prefer Lightning Threnody, Ice Threnody or want you to alternate while their tiers reset. Often when burning a mob BLMs will start with a thunder spell, switch to an ice spell while thunder timer is not up and then back to thunder again- you can coordinate or wait and see what they are casting and hit the macro for whichever element is being used the most (their casting time is a lot longer than yours anyway).


  • Soul Voice:
  • Nightingale & Troubadour:


  • CHR gear:
  • Ability Gear:
  • Magic Acc Gear:

Sleeping Mobs:

Buffing Party:



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