Equipment Overview:

My blue Mage focuses on equipment that is broken up into three groups for dynamis.
Yes, I have spellcast, so I can afford to swap out a lot of gear, if you don't then simply swap
out as much as you can.

This strategy is based on the blue mage's primary role: NOT doing damage in dynamis. This seems
weird, I know!! You have fantastic spells for doing damage, but other jobs do damage more
reliably, and they use less resources. Focus on what YOU have that nobody else has as a blue
mage: AOE non-dot debuffs with very low resist rates and (fairly) low recast times.

Merit Points

Blue Mage Merit Usefullness

Blu Roles

What I do is mostly buffing and enfeebling. AOE stoneskin, defense down, vit down, int down,
boss buff, boss spike damage, and debuff some more. I spend about 20% of my time using AOE
stoneskin, 10% of my time doing damage, and 70% of my time debuffing. Every once in a while
I'll get it into my head that some mob needs a chain affinity cannonball for 1k damage, but
those instances are only after every mob is debuffed, stoneskin is on the recast, and I have
mp to spare.

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