Black Mage

Black Mage is the bestest job ever. They cast explosive elemental spells for massive pwnage.

Roles in Dynamis

Destroy statues

These mobs move at -25% movement speed, but have messy attacks if given TP making black mages the perfect job to fight them. As long as you remember to run after you cast, all will be well. Sleep does not work, but stun does. Each beastman race has their own particular set of statues and within those there are 4 types:

  • Red Eyed Statues: These statues simply pop mobs to be killed.
  • Blue Eyed Statues: These statues pop mobs but also restore HP to anyone within their aoe radius. Try to kill these statues among the melee to restore all their HP, except for in Windurst.
  • Green Eyed Statues: These are the same as above but restore MP instead of HP. Again, try to kill these among the melee to restore everyone's MP pools, except for in Windurst.
  • Boss

Often there will be situations where we need a statue killed but not have the mobs spawned by it aggro. In these situations timing is essential.

Burn down mobs

If you've ever done KSNMs then you know how this works.


Red mages tend to be all over this, so black mages will usually just be back up sleeping. Just make sure you don't embarrass yourself.

Some tips on how to sleep mobs effectively:


Some mobs will cast AOE spells. Since apparently the red mages are subbing /blm for the sleepga, stunning falls to the black mages and dark knights. Since dark knights are only good for looking sinister, all the stunning is done by black mages. The upside is that black mages own. All is well.

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