Dynamis 102 - Soymilk Style
What do I need to bring to Dynamis?

For regular runs, bring cheap but effective experience type food, experience type weapons and a reraise item. If you need the win for an area, be doubly sure to bring a reraise item.

Melee are expected to own an Opo opo necklace (a useful item for most end game activities that can be gotten for free during Zilart missions). You will be asked to bring Icarus wings and Sleeping potions for Dynamis Lord fights and other special events.

If you cast at all, you must bring echo drops.

Is it ok to skill up during Dynamis?

No, it is completely unacceptable to use skill up weapons or to cast spells for skill up during Dynamis.

Dynamis is a timed event. Everyone is expected to do their best to make sure we defeat mobs quickly and with as little player death as possible. Skilling up detracts from that. Also the more mobs we kill the more chances for drops.

What should I sub for Dynamis?

Make sure you bring that is appropriate for a non burn type experience party.

RDM are expected to sub BLM. If a DRK sub is required (for Dynamis Lord), we will warp you back to change.

What party should I be in?

When you arrive at the Dynamis zone, put your flag up and make sure you aren't anonymous.

There are 4 types of parties in dynamis: Tank, Melee, BLM and Puller. There is typically 1 puller party, 1-2 tank and BLM parties and multiple melee parties.

Tank party
3 DD or other tank or WHM

Melee Party
4 DD

BLM Party
Refresher or WHM

Puller Party
Puller (typically Amethysta, Tulaq, Rathiel or another officer assigned puller)
Kiters (typically NIN)

How do the alliances work?

There are two types of alliances in Dynamis. A melee alliance and BLM alliance. There may be multiple melee alliances but generally there is just one BLM alliance.

Melee alliance is responsible for killing all beastmen mobs. BLM alliance is responsible for pulling statues, killing statues and sleeping beastmen until the melee alliance is ready for them.

Tank alliance: tank party, 2 melee parties
BLM alliance: puller party, 2 BLM parties

Where do I stand?

Due to the number of players and mobs in a small area, lag is a major issue in Dynamis. It is important that everyone stays with their alliance.

Melee should keep a good distance from the mages.

RDM, BRD and COR are the notable exception. RDM, BRD and COR from the melee alliance are expected to help sleep mobs with RDM, BRD and COR from the BLM alliance. Mobs should be slept once they are pulled through BLM. Sleeping mobs in front of BLM can cause links.

This is what it looks like in a 2 melee alliance setup.

melee <mob> tank

                                    RDM  & BRD    <sleeping mobs>  BLM  <statues>

melee <mob> tank
What mob do I attack? I'm melee.

Only engage mobs by using your assist macro. Never just engage mobs because it looks like everyone else is. Using an assist macro will ensure that you are attacking the mob that the main tank for your alliance is attacking, which is the mob you should be attacking.

The main tank will announce which mob is being attacked in linkshell chat.

What mob do I attack? I'm a BLM or RDM.

BLM should defeat statues first. If any mobs are to be burned, the burn will be called in party chat.

RDM are free to attack statues and participate in burns as long as all mobs are slept and under control (silenced, gravity'd, bound)

Who is the main tank?

The main tank for Dynamis will always be a PLD. Tank order is announced in linkshell chat at the start of each run. If you miss tank order call, please ask your alliance leader for order.

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