Dynamis 101
What do I need to do to enter Dynamis?

Level 65 job, Rank 6 and cutscene upon entering Xarcabard after attaining Rank 6.

Beaucedine Glacier
Wins in all 4 cities including cutscenes at trail marking after megaboss kill.

Win in Beaucedine Glacier including cutscene at trail marking after megaboss kill.

Level 65 job, Rank 6 and cutscene, Chains of Promathia Chapter 4.

Tavanazia Safehold
Wins in all 3 dreamlands including cutscenes at hierogylphics.

What do you mean by Cities, Northlands and Dreamlands?

Cities - Windurst, Bastok, San d'Oria, Jeuno
Northlands - Beaucedine Glacier, Xarcabard
Dreamlands (CoP) - Valkrum, Buburimu Pennisula, Qufim, Tavanzia Safehold

How do I know what wins I have?

Check your permanent key items for the following items:
Windurst - Hydra Corps Lantern
Bastok - Hydra Corps Eyeglass
San d'Oria - Hydra Corps Command Scepter
Jeuno - Hydra Corps Tactical Map
Beaucedine - Hydra Corps Insignia
Xacrabard - Hydra Corps Battle Standard

Valkrum - Dynamis-Valkrum Silver
Buburimu - Dynamis-Valkrum Silver
Qufim - Dynamis-Qufim Silver
Tavanzia - Dynamis-Tavanzia Silver

How do I get a win?

After the {Mega Boss} is killed, click on the ??? that spawns as soon as the megaboss corpse disappears. Use F8 to target it quickly.

You will receive a key item.

When you exit Dynamis, make sure you click on the trial markings or hieroglyphs to receive a cutscene. This is the final step in getting the win.

If you forgot to click on the trial markings/hieroglyphics, you will not be able to enter other Dynamis areas.

How do I know which mob is the {Mega Boss}?

You will know. The entire run is coordinated so that we have enough time to kill, pop and clear an area to kill the megaboss. But in case you were wondering in the cities, the {Mega Boss}es are giant statues. The {Mega Boss} in Beaucedine Glacier is an ahriman. The Dynamis Lord is the {Mega Boss} for Xacrabard.

What the heck are statues?

Statues are a type of mob found only in Dynamis. They are typically named <insert Beastman type> Avatar. Statues are very slow moving but they also cast a variety of magic including BLM, WHM and RDM spells. They are not very accurate but their melee attacks can hurt.

When statues are pulled or aggroed, they can spawn lots of beastmen.

Statues are killed by BLM and RDM. Statues are never meleed as they use a very destructive AoE move if melee attacks are used on them.

Omgz! What do we do with all the beastmen?

When a statue spawns beastmen, the statues and beastmen are pulled back to the sleeper/BLM alliance. While the BLM nuke the statues, RDMs and BRDs sleep the beastmen and any pets they might bring. The beastmen are pulled, one at a time, back to the main alliance to kill.

Beastmen in Dynamis can be any job. They will also have the 2 hour of the job. The names of the beastmen indicate jobs.

Are the named mobs anything special?

Named beastmen are notorious monsters. Like any NM, they are more powerful than the regular version of the mob and should be handled with care.

Sometimes NM in dynamis pop other mobs or are time extensions.

Do specific mobs drop specific relic armor? (ie do RDM mobs drop RDM AF?)

No, any mob in Dynamis has a chance of dropping any piece of AF that drops in the area.

In Dynamis-Xarcabard, the NM demon have a better chance of dropping AF that corresponds to their job. (ie Duke Berith is a RDM and more likely to drop Duelist's Chapeau). But even in Dynamis-Xarcabard, this is not always true and any mob can drop a piece of AF.

How do I know how much time is left?

Check your hourglass. It will list the time we will be kicked out of Dynamis.

During a Dynamis run, we will get time extensions as we kill specific mobs, so that time will change.

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