Sponsoring is a big responsibility in SM. It is through the recommendations of our members that we grow. This growth affects a lot of things, competition for items, our ability to complete certain zones, the kind of atmosphere we have in the LS and ultimately how much fun we have doing dynamis. Please take sponsoring seriously. We do keep track of who sponsors who and what kind of player they turned out to be. Often when there are issues regarding a new member one of the first things that is asked in officer meetings is "Who sponsored this person?" We will often use this as an index of how much we can trust a new member and even of what kind of person they probably are. Of course once we get to know them they are responsible for their own reputation, but until then a lot of the burden goes onto the sponsor.

Please use the following guidelines once you have decided you want to sponsor a person:

  • Ask your friend to fill out application and post it in the applicant section of the forums. Give them advice as to what to write or show them some other good applications you saw in the forums.
  • Once they post, you need to copy their full text. Go to the applicant review section and make a new post. Title it "<insert name>'s application for trial membership" then paste the text of their application in.
  • Add a table to the top of the post. You need 2 rows and 3 columns. Click on the option that states that the first row items are titles. Once the table is created make the top 3 options "Yes" "Undecided" and "No". Underneath those set all the boxes to 0. You can put your vote in also by adding 1 to whichever box you want.
  • Once the table is set, the text is pasted and a proper title is in place, save the post. Give it a quick glance to make sure everything is in order.
  • Copy the address of the poll and go to the site announcements (under the information menu).
  • Edit the announcement page and find the place where the links to the polls are written. Add your link there. Follow the other link's format.
  • Now we wait 7 days for the votes. In that time, if Rathiel approves, you can invite your friend to runs and to get wins they need as a guest.
  • Once the seven days are passed contact Enano to close the vote and post the result. At this time you can also take the link off the announcements page.
  • Enano will pearl the person if the vote was yes. If the vote was undecided you can talk to him or Rathiel about what needs to be done (maybe there were questions about the application- often there are questions to answer posted on the thread). If the answer was no then they will be contacted by an officer about it.
  • Have your friend come to runs. Help them out, make sure they have a good experience and give them heads up about particular SM rules, like putting their hourglass up.
  • After your friend has earned 20 points on either day you can make a poll for their full membership. The steps are the same as for the trial membership poll except that this poll will go in the trial member review area.

Remember: Until a trial member becomes a full member you are responsible for their application and behavior. Please take the responsibility seriously.

For people looking to join the shell. Understand what it means for someone to sponsor you and be sure to live up to your friend's trust.

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