Magistrella's Guide to SMN Macros

These are based on my (Char: Magistrella Server: Carbuncle) SMN Macros, if you find any copies using this exact guide pls PM me @ - Name: Magistrella

1. Basic knowledge

To understand how i planned my macros you have to know how to use the commands /macro set and /macro book, as well as you will
not find an easy guide here where you just press one button and get what you want, this is made for Pros not for lazy people

/macro set # brings you to a certain set in the book where you are
/macro book # brings you to a certain macro book

If you use both command lines in one macro it doesnt matter which you use first since the set # will be kept even if you change book #

Now we found a whole new system with all these fine /macro commands - Thanks to that we can make us a

2. Command Central

from where we can go everywhere and use our skills there

Macro Book #1

Macro Set #1

MAXMP REST SKILL FIGHT MinBP Empty Empty Drain Aspir Recast
ALT Line
Carby Fenrir Garuda Titan Ramuh Leviathan Ifrit Shiva Diabolos Siphon/WHM

Explanation of Single Macros


  • MaxMP: Changes gear to stuff with max MP in those slots, contains a /macro set 2
  • REST: Changes all possible slots to hmp+ gear, contains a /macro set 2
  • SKILL: Changes all gear to skill+ to reach max cap for Hastega and acc/atk+ for smns - Important: Always Press this before going to Use Siphon to max MP out
  • FIGHT: Contains AF Pants and Relic Shoes to give avatars acc and atk for DD
  • MinBP: Not necessary only if you cant reach the cap of -15 seconds with skill gear and in BP macros
  • Empty: as the name says, not used
  • Drain/Aspir: Gotta wonder why they are hereā€¦ well solo and in situations where you can go /sch you will need those for Dark Arts to get back good hp/mp ammounts
  • Recast: Contains all Recast for Main and SJ like Siphon, :Rage, :Ward, Stratagems; Divine Seal

ALT Line

  • Carby: Macro Contains /equip Carbuncle mitts, Carby summoning as well as /macro book 2 and /macro set 1 at the end (NO Royal Redingote since Carbuncle is already free with Evokers Ring/Light Staff/Carbuncle Mitts - here: YY Robe for Refresh)
  • Fenrir-Diabolos: Contains summoning, /equip Royal Redingote and /macro book 2 as well as /macro set 2-9 (2 = Fenrir - 9 = Diabolos)
  • Optional: You can add Staves and leave the Redingote out if you dont have it. Im using Fay Crozier with -3 Perpet. This way i dont need Staves and i have the Body with -2 Perpet so im using Fay Fulltime and want the Redingote when i summon
  • Siphon/WHM: Contains a /macro book 2 and /macro set 0 just to get to your whm Set

Macro Set #2

ALT Line
BACK 2xEmpty Gear Gear Gear Gear Gear Gear


  • Same as in Set #1 with the difference that a /macro set 1 command in last slot so you jump back to Command Central after changing completely

ALT Line

  • BACK: If you should ever happen to get here without that you want it your command to get to Command Central without doing anything else - only contains /Macro book 1 and /macro set 1 lines

Macro Set #2-9

ALT Line
BACK 2xEmpty Gear Gear Gear Gear Gear Gear

Explanation of Single Macros

  • Gear: See Point 4.

3. Controlling Avatars

Macro Book #2

  • Important: In set #1 to #9 in this book all CTRL Lines look the same, thats why ill add it before and only write the ALT lines in the sets
Assault Release Retreat Day Weather Emptyx3 2hr Recast

Explanation of Single Macros

  • Assault: Send your avatar on a target - only contains /pet "Assault" <t>
  • Release: /pet "Release" <me> as well as /macro book 1 and /macro set 1 to get back to Command Central as well as a /equip YY Robe - Important in Carbuncles Release Macro: /equip "Summoner's Brcr."
  • Retreat: Tell your pet to come to you - only contains /pet "Retreat" <me>
  • Day: Relic Body for less Perpet
  • Weather: Relic Head for less Perpet
  • 2hr: This is not the actual 2hr JA but the BP for every specific Avatar once youre in Flow
  • Optional: leave /equip YY Robe in all Release out if youre not using another body, no need for the Relic Hands in Carby release if you dont have them

Macro Set #1 Carbuncle

ALT Line
Back BPs II III Physical HealingRuby Ward ShiningRuby Magical(Meteor) GlitteringRuby

Macro Set #2 Fenrir

ALT Line
Back BPs II III Physical CrescentFang Ward(Ecliptic Howl) LunarCry Magical(LunarRoar=Dispel) EclipticGrowl

Macro Set #3 Garuda

ALT Line
Back BPs II III Physical WhisperingWind Ward(Aerial Armor) Hastega Magical Empty

Macro Set #4 Titan

ALT Line
Back BPs II III Physical MegalithThrow Ward(Earthen Ward) RockThrow Magical Empty

Macro Set #5 Ramuh

ALT Line
Back BPs II III Physical Thunderspark Ward(Rolling Thunder) LightningArmor Magical Empty

Macro Set #6 Leviathan

ALT Line
Back BPs II III Physical TailWhip Ward(Spring Water) Slowga Magical Empty

Macro Set #7 Ifrit

ALT Line
Back BPs II III Physical BurningStrike Ward(Crimson Howl) DoublePunch Magical Empty

Macro Set #8 Shiva

ALT Line
Back BPs II III Physical DoubleSlap Ward(Frost Armor) Sleepga Magical Empty

Macro Set #9 Diabolos

ALT Line
Back BPs II III Magical(Nether Blast) Somnolence Ward(Noctoshield) Nightmare UltimateTerror DreamShroud

Explanation of Single Macros

  • Back: Contains only /macro book 1 and /macro set 1 - if you should happen to summon the wrong smn and have to go back quick
  • BPs: Contains a list of all BPs written in macros for the respective Summon, if you should ever forget where a BP is and what it does, form: /echo ALT+5-0 BPName | Description
  • II: contains /ma Cure II <t> and a /equip main "Light Staff" with a /wait 3 to change back to Fay Crozier (or respective Staff if you dont have a Fay)
  • III: Same as II just with cure III and /wait 4
  • ALT+5: Highest lvl Physical Damage BP, i.e. Avatars lvl 70 Fenrir lvl 65 BPs Diabolos and Carby dont get any good ones so Carby has Nails at ALT+5 and Diabolos got its Netherblast
  • Ward: Most used Ward respective for Summon, you can add the ward you want just make sure its all the same ALT+# so you dont get confused too easily

4. VERY Important: Regarding All BP Macros

ALL BPs have -BP gear in it - in my case three pieces Relic Horn, YY robe, Relic pants as well as a lead to Book#1 Set#2-9(one set for every avatar), which makes you change back to your original equip and the Macro book/set you came from

5. Other Tasks

Macro Set #0 Siphon/WHM

Light Dark Wind Earth Thunder Water Fire Ice Empty Recast
ALT Line
Back Siphon II III Silena Paralyna Blink Bar-Element Stoneskin Erase

Explanation of Single Macros

  • Elements: Summon Elemental for Siphon Important: Make it the same order as your ALT+# as you summon the avatars - match the elements and you wont forget where which Element is - /equip relic body if you have it (Relic Horn for Weather Perpet- is optional but i would not give up 5 smn skill from AF horn for -3 perpet less)
  • Siphon: Uses Elemental Siphon macro lines: /ja "Elemental Siphon" <me> /wait 2 /pet "Release" <me> /macro book 1 /macro set 1
  • II: Cure II
  • III: Cure III

6. Graditude to

Espc. Schneelocke, without him i never came to the idea to use /macro commands and would never be able to play SMN so fluid and professional
SM LS, for a complete SMN relic set to get even the best out of SMN
Babyj for requesting this guide, or i wouldve always been too lazy to make one

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