SM Wiki Project

The project is simple: Points for Participation. The more pages you add, transfer from old site and edit, the larger the point reward you will received at the beginning of the following month. An LS officer will keep track of recent changes and award 1 to 5 points for each contribution you make to the site. They will then send a message with how many points they recommend for each contributor to the LS Point Keeper. Members will then receive a message asking them how they would like their points distributed with a deadline on when the information is needed by.

The limit on how many points can be added at once will be 20% of the possible points earned on the previous month. You can roll-over any remaining points.

This is simply an experiment - Rewards system is liable to change. For more specific ideas on how you can help improve the site and how this will exactly work, please search for SM Wiki Project.


Rath adds these when he gets time

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