Sep 17th Beaucedine

Ancient Currency

43 T. Whiteshells
1 L. Jadeshell
55 O. Bronzepieces
67 1 Byne Bills
1 100 Byne Bill

Relic Armor

Assassin's Culotte (THF) - Tibzz
Duelist's Tabard (RDM) - Fantus
Koga Chainmail (NIN) - Tikeru
Koga Chainmail (NIN) - Ristar
Koga Chainmail (NIN) - Elevencharlie
Mirage Jubbah (BLU) - Thesaintlucifer
Mirage Jubbah (BLU) - Shokox
Monster Gaiters (BST) - Goatcat
Sorcerer's Coat (BLM) - Ironeddie
Valor Breeches (PLD) - Simoo
Warrior's Cuisses (WAR) - Arawn

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