Secure Free Lots

Please note that only full fledged members of Soymilk may lot on relic armor. Trial members and guests are not permitted to lot on relic.

Securing a Lot
Lots are posted on the run reports prior to the run. All members interested in a particular piece of relic armor are asked to post on the site what they would like to lot. An officer reviews the points, attendance and job levels of those interested in lotting. The member with the neccessary attendance requirements, required job levels and highest points is awarded the first lot. An officer will announce the name in linkshell chat at gather time on that day. Only this person may lot on the relic armor if it drops. This is a secured lot.

A second and third name may be announced. These members may lot 2nd and 3rd pieces of relic armor if they drop. Or they may be allowed to lot in case of disconnect.

Secured lots cost points. Point cost is determined by whether a job has been declared primary, secondary or tertiary and whether the area is a city, northland or dreamland area.

Each member may ask to secure only one lot per run. If that member does not receive the secure lot for any reason, they may not secure a lot for any other AF2.

Free Lot
A free lot occurs when no one has secured a lot for a particular piece of AF2. Free lots are open to all members of Soymilk that have jobs that meet level to lot requirements and have at least 75% attendance to committed days. An officer will call the free lot and the requirements to lot.

For city AF2, the first round of lotting is open to all members with attendance requirements who have the job at 70+. For Northlands/Dreamlands, the first round of lotting is open to all members who have the job at 75.

The level to lot will be decreased by 5 levels until at least one person lots the AF2.

If a free lot should go to level 50, the lotting opens to all members of Soymilk, regardless of attendance.

Free lots do not cost points.

Multiple free lots per run are allowed as long as members meet neccessary level and attendance requirements.

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