Each member may aspire any 1 cape, and any 1 earring or torque for which they have the appropriate job (see below). Please post your aspirations in the "Aspirations forum."

Altruistic Cape: WHM, RDM, SCH, SMN, PLD

Astute Cape: SMN, NIN, BRD

Merciful Cape: WHM, RDM, SCH, BLM, DRK, PLD

Faith Torque: MNK, RNG, COR, PUP

Fortitude Torque: PLD, BLU, RDM, WAR

Temperance Torque: BST, WAR

Justice Torque: DRK, SAM

Hope Torque: NIN, RNG

Prudence Torque: DRK, WHM

Love Torque: DRG, THF, DNC

Novio Earring: BLM, SCH, COR

Novia Earring: BLM, SCH, WHM, SMN

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