Sat 6 November 2010 Abyssea

All sign ups are due at least 2 hours before each run. Failing to do so will slow the run down and maybe cost you your lot for the day.

List your name and absence reason here if you will be missing this run.

Name - Reason

Taklest - Work
mallister - i have to list a tentative 'absent' i am working on saturday and not sure what time we'll be done.
Exsonious - pretty sure i wont be home in time, having abit of a get together with some friends tonight.
Kurosawa - should be online and am available if needed but not after any AF and looks like other ppl need to go.
Unipuma - same as Kuro plus I have two exams next week :3
Xyndifor - Internet still screwy. Cable guy came by and changed something out. I guess I called tonight and I'm in a degraded service area
Scarmiglione - dont really need any exp or af3 right now, plus its at 18 people anyways

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