About Samac

I am a software application developer and spend most of my time in front of a computer. I specialized in web development, databases, and computer forensics. I live in South Mississippi. During my college co-op in Mobile I picked up FFXI and started playing the first week of September 2003. During the past 5 years I have taken several months off here and there to keep from going crazy. Before I got into Computer Science I was in Emergency Telecommunications. I have tremendous respect for these people because of the emotions that they deal with everyday. They see the worst in people everyday. Ultimately it was this job coupled with some personal events that drove me back to school to get into computers.

Job Information

Warrior 37 Monk 75 Thief 37 Red Mage 20
Black Mage 18 White Mage 37 Ninja 37 Samurai 32
Beastmaster 75 Ranger 30 Dragoon 06 Summoner 18
Bard 65 Dark Knight 31 Paladin 65 Blue Mage 75
Corsair 10 Puppetmaster 54 Dancer 37 Scholar 07

Merit Information

Axe: 5/8
Sword 2/8
Evasion 2/4

Current Game Goals

  1. Complete ToAU missions
  2. BB items
  3. Finish Merits for all 75 Jobs
  4. Work on making money!

AF information

Primary Lot

Head (really want it)
Hands (kinda want it)
Body (want it)
Legs (really want it)
Feet (want it)
Accessory (want it)

Head (really want it)
Legs (really want it)
Feet (kinda want it)

Win Status

San d'Oria Win
Bastok Win
Windurst Win
Jeuno Win

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