Run Captains* - 6 Pairs of Positions Available

*This is the only position which is allowed to be held while holding another officer position.


  • During Runs:
    • Form parties - You can have semi permanent parties if you like. You have to inform members when you expect a setup to be semi-permanent.
    • Customer Service - You answer all immediate questions about the LS rules and methods for any party member with you.
    • Properly distribute resources - Make sure both alliances have at least 1 white mage. Make sure all parties are properly supported in order to fulfill their purpose.
    • Mid-Level Discipline - if a member gets out of hand contact a Membership Clerc to take care of it. This includes:
      • General LS rules
      • Having your party bazaar hourglasses
      • Making sure your party is where it needs to be and not on top of pullers, mages, etc..
      • Saving spots and lotting for members in your party if previously asked due to lateness.**
      • Thank people in your party for coming and remind them to log in or out.
  • Outside of Runs:
    • Request new members - Officers will be in charge of editing and adding or taking down information on the site regarding what the LS is looking for (here).
    • Post your opinion of Trial Members on their full-time membership application.

Things to consider:

  • You need to know what you are doing. Older members preferred.
  • Although you may fulfill this position while holding another position please be aware that it -is- extra work.
  • You -do- get to pick who you work with if you set up semi-permanent parties.
  • Great way to help the LS without having too much to worry about.
  • You -will- be held responsible for your party.

Please apply here if interested in applying for this position.

** Only LS Run Captains will be allowed to lot for other members- if you need this done make sure a captain or 2 know.

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