LS Supplies Rules

1. Each member will purchase only enough items as they will need to use during the run and return all excess to the Logistics officers.

2. Food items will be bought 2 each at the time of consumption. Other consumables will have similar limits (30 shihei at a time, 10 cards at a time, 10 angons at a time, etc).

3. Members are be expected to still bring all necessary items to perform their roles to the best of their ability as back-up. If a logistics officer disconnects or misses a run, members will still be expected to be able to perform all their necessary duties.

4. If members want the LS to supply any extra consumables, please post on the 'Request Supplies' thread, which is located under the 'bank' tab.

5. Members caught maliciously abusing LS funds will be asked to leave the shell. Members failing to follow the rules regarding the use of LS purchased consumables will be penalized and may be banned from using the system.

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