Sponsoring New Members

Soymilk grows exclusively through sponsoring. As the shell grows things change: item demand, manpower, linkshell atmosphere, etc. When combined, all these factors improve or decrease how much fun we have doing dynamis. Take sponsoring seriously and make sure you're doing your best to bring quality members into the shell. We follow closely which members sponsor and what kind of players they bring into the shell. When there are issues regarding a new member or we are unsure about whether to vote them in or not, the first things that is asked is, "Who's their sponsor?" Until we get to know a new member for him or herself, we judge them by their sponsor. For an outline of the application process please read the application section. Remember, until a trial member becomes a full member you are responsible for their application and behavior. Take the responsibility seriously.

For people looking to join the shell, understand what it means for someone to sponsor you and be sure to live up to your friend's trust.


Applicants can be voted on by the entire LS. Applicants can view what is said about them on their votes, but may not reply. Officers will take care of contacting applicants about any concerns that arise during the procedure.

Voting Procedure

  • Find the application you wish to vote on by going to the runs sign-up page or the applicant review forum.
  • If a vote hasn't already been created you can go to the application forum, click on the application in question, highlight and copy the contents of the application. Go back to the applicant review forum and create the vote by pasting the information into a new post. Create a table with 2 rows and 2 columns on the top of the post. Click on first row as headers box. The top 2 rows need to say Yes and No. The bottom rows will contain totals for these options. To begin make them all 0. Once the vote has been created follow the rest of the instructions.
  • At the bottom of the voting post click on Options.
  • Click on Edit.
  • With the edit window open find the voting table at the top and add one vote to whichever choice you want to vote on.
  • Save and exit editing mode.
  • If you voted yes reply to the post and state why you would advocate that this person be allowed into the shell.
  • If you voted no you can reply to the post and state why or send the membership officer a private site message or in-game tell with your reasons. Sometimes, all it takes is one no vote to keep a member out of the shell based on the reasons for that one vote.

Meaning of votes

  • Yes = I would like to get to know this person through a trial membership.
  • No = I feel this person is untrustworthy or I've had bad experiences with this person before.
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