Earning Points:

Point Definition
Points are accumulated at a rate of 1.00 points per hour
Point bonuses
Contesting Points
Reinstating Points
An Example
ViviJr has 100 Wednesday points, 120 Sunday points and 100% attendance for both days for Dynamis. He arrives on time for Wednesday's Dynamis-Windurst and secures a lot for a piece of relic armor for his primary job. He receives the relic armor in the run. ViviJr stayed until the end of the run.
ViviJr's Point Calculation
+4 points for attending the run (4 hours)
+0.5 points for being on time and present at gather time
+0.0 Run Bonus (run went well, but no particularly difficult goals were met)
-0 points because no AFK penalty
-10 points for relic armor
-5.5 for the run

After the run, ViviJr has 94.5 Wednesday points and 120 Sunday points.

General Point Calculation
+Time Spent Inside Dynamis
+On-time Bonus
+General Run Bonus
-Late Entry and/or Early Departure time
-Secured Item Received
=Total Points Awarded for Run
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