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You may not lot gear for a job you refuse to bring
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Dynamis Tavnazia Rules

Securing a Lot:
Remember that nothing may ever be lotted by any member who does not meet a minimum of 75% attendance regardless of points, area or time in shell.

Before the run: A member may secure a lot by signing up as both attending a run and desiring to lot that item on the sign up sheet at least 60 minutes prior to the run. The point officer will review points, attendance and all other requirements for those interested in lotting. Members will then be ordered to lot by highest comparative points. If any member does not meet lotting requirements they will left out of the order. If 2 members are tied the officer will list them as such. The point officer will then post the lot order on the sign-up sheet and announce it at that run's gather time. Each member may ask to secure only one lot per run (with the exception of Dynamis Tavnazia). Once the point officer has set the lot order, members may not change their lots.

During the run: When an item drops an officer will call out who is the next person in the order to lot. If there were tied members the officer will call both to lot. The losing member will lot uncontested if another of that item drops. If multiples of one item drop, the officer will call who lots using their ordered list.

After the run: Any member who effectively received an item they secured will be deducted points according to rules. Members must update their roster information to show the items they have received.

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