Linkshell Government:

Officers are the backbone of Soymilk. If we've come as far as we have, it's greatly thanks to the support, effort and sacrifice of our officers. In SM we try our best to have well-lead runs. Our officer staff is large, strong and dedicated. Here we will explain their basic functions. These functions are usually spread out through multiple officers and are a sample of the major areas officers cover to keep the shell running smoothly. Guidelines as to how to contact officers are explained bellow. For a list of current officer assignments please check the current officer list.

LS owner
Point Keeper
Calendar Keeper
Membership Clerk
Drop Caller

Contacting Officers: All requests, questions and concerns are expected to be sent in writing. Although we expect officers to serve their fellow LS members, we still try to help them enjoy the game and to keep LS business from interfering with their general game time and fun. To help accomplish this, we use the site messaging system and forums. Before you send an officer a tell, use the messaging system or forums. This way we can make sure that our officers receive your requests, questions and concerns.

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