Member Conduct

There are three basic principles we need members tho adhere to: Respect, Communication and Professionalism. Bellow, we will discuss each of these.


Avoid anything that shows disrespect for fellow members. We are not asking you to be best friends with everyone, or even like them. We are saying that if it is a personal issue, do not make it a linkshell issue. Do your job and leave your personal issues outside of the linkshell. If you, for whatever reason, feel like you can't work with someone or that they shouldn't be trusted, speak with an officer. We will do the best we can to accommodate you and resolve the issue. Just make sure you have something legitimate to say.

Some ways of showing respect are:

  • Do not use vulgar language in linkshell or party chat.
  • Do not carry arguments out in linkshell chat.
  • Do not make jokes at the expense of others unless you know that they won't take it the wrong way.
  • Do not ask people to pass items to you that they have earned.
  • Do not treat officers or members as if they owed you something or were your employees.
  • Do not demand or threaten to get your way.
  • Say please and thank when others do things for you (particularly raises).
  • Be quick to apologize and recognize your mistakes.

In general, when unsure ask yourself, "Is what I am doing or saying respectful towards others?". Officers will use this to judge situations and you will be penalized if your behavior is considered to be disrespectful towards the linkshell. Once you've had 2 warnings you will be put back on trial membership and voted on again.


Be clear and frequent in your communications and also listen carefully when directions are given or you are spoken to. We want to hear what you have to say and we want you to treat us with the same respect. If you have any questions, doubts, concerns, issues, or just want to chat and get to know people, please do so. Just make sure you are communicating what you mean clearly and politely.

Some ways in which you need to be clear in your communications are:

  • Do not go on unannounced AFK's during runs. Tell your party leader. We realize life happens, just let someone know before you run off for 15 minutes.
  • Do not read books/watch movies/become overly distracted during runs. If you are pregnant, sick, haven't slept, or something similar that is keeping you from paying attention, please let us know.
  • When you arrive late or leave early you must tell the points officer.
  • Direct all questions and concerns to an officer instead of assuming things and becoming upset or leaving. If you have a problem give us a chance to talk it out before you make drastic choices.
  • Do not threaten, demand or accuse, simply express your concern and willingness to work it out.
  • Be sure to sign up as absent, attending or lotting to runs in a timely fashion.
  • Think about what you say before you say it.
  • Listen to directions in linkshell chat and keep linkshell chat clear of unneeded chatter. Use /tell and /shout to congratulate people. Ask questions directly to who you need an answer from in /tell.

Since we started this shell in 2005, almost every moment of drama or anger has been caused by genuine miscommunication. If you find that you are arguing or angry, ask yourself if this is really what you mean to say or if you're just reacting to stress. If your goal is to have your points or lots fixed and all you did was insult the officers, you are not communication clearly. Clear and polite communication will get you your way much quicker than arguments and threats.

Lastly, as a warning, the first 2 lines above are officer's biggest pet-peeves. Do not be caught in being consantly AFK or having nothing to say as to why you're still standing in the last camp, why you haven't replied to officer's last 5 tells, why no one in your party has haste in a Xarcabard run, etc. If you are caught in these things you will be penalized. If it's a repeated issue you will be put back in trial membership and will need to be voted on again.


Be professional. Know what it is you're supposed to do and ask if you are unsure. Carry all the basic medicines (reraise item), food, weapons, and gear you'd use in any end-game event. Have your jobs leveled and merited as is appropriate. Simply be ready to do whatever role you need to do.

A lot of the things you can do to be professional overlap with what we've already discussed above, but here are some other examples:

  • Know what the rules are about lotting and bring up any questions before it's time to distribute items.
  • Have a proper buffer so you can take whatever raise necessary.
  • Disable unneeded emotes and chat from your macros.
  • listen to directions and follow procedures.
  • If at all possible read up a little bit on events you will be participating in.
  • Do not use dynamis to do skill ups or break latent effects.
  • Have a separate dynamis macro set if needed. Be sure to have preset spots for bard rotation invites if possible, so all you need to do is replace names if/when rotations are set up.
  • Stay with the group unless you are assigned a specific task elsewhere.

In general play your best and help others play their best. Doing a mediocre job or thinking no one will notice is an insult to everyone else who prepared. Parses are kept and most melee and mages always notice who does their job and who is trying. If you are constantly at the bottom of the parse compared to your peers or if people start having to complain, you will be penalized. Please show enough respect to those in the linkshell who put forth effort to be prepared and professional about events. We want to do as much as we can as quickly as we can.

Remember if you disregard the rules you will be put back into trial membership. That means you loose lotting rights and members have to vote about whether to keep you in the linkshell or not. If you blatantly break the rules during an event, officers may kick you from the event and you will need to speak to an officer and explain yourself before you can return. Remember that unlike other games you are playing with actual people. Being in the linkshell is not a right. We allow you into our group in order to achieve goals and benefit everyone. In order for that to happen everyone must follow the rules and do the best they can to contribute. The items above are not the full list of what all the rules could be if they were written out. They are just examples. Anything that violates the principles of respect, communication and professionalism is considered breaking rules, whether it's listed or not on this page. Whenever you are unsure, ask an officer or simply ask yourself how this action fits into the three core values we hope to maintain.

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