Code of Conduct:

These are Soymilk's basic behavior rules for all members. These guidelines are mandatory and disregarding them will result in suspension of lotting rights or revoking of membership.


Be respectful
Be polite
Be proffesional
Listen to directions
Avoid undue stress or drama
Communicate properly
Respect Officers
Refrain from cussing or vulgarity
Enjoy yourself

Basic Procedures

Make a macro set for dynamis
Bazaar your hourglass
Stay with the group
Do not AFK during the last 10 min.
Use the /assist command
Disable all unneeded emotes and chat
Do not use linkshell chat once it is closed
Use /s or /t to congratulate
Focus if there are specific directions
Points and/or attendance cannot be contested on the day of a run
Only lot when appropriate

Whining, Threats and General Malcontent

If you have questions make sure they are questions, we do not tolerate threats or whining. "If you don't fix this now I'll leave" or anything of the sort will get you a warning. Do not spend runs sending tells to officers about things you don't like or about what they should do or not do. If you have concerns or suggestions use the forums. This is said above, but we wanted to emphasize this point.

Thanks for all your help and support,

Officer Code of Conduct

This isn't a mandatory read for members or new members, but I decided this would be helpful so you know how officers function and what officers should do in certain situations. These guidelines will include me and all officers, no matter how old or new.


Be an example
Do not criticize or complain about others in the shell outside of officer forums
Keep shell business in the shell and personal business out
If you have a problem with another officer talk to Rathiel in private messages
Please request breaks as needed

Member Treatment

Always show members respect
Be sociable
Respect member's privacy


Be strict when it comes to the rules
Avoid drastic measures
Do not use LS chat for discipline
Do not argue

When a member breaks a rule send them a tell with a respectful warning. After the warning has been sent, if it happens again consider whether the problem is small or big. If it is small send a second warning and have them explain themselves. If it is big buy their glass. Lastly, there are no third warnings. Third time anyone does the same thing buy them out. They are either too tired or distracted to be there, or simply disregard rules. If a member has their glass bought please inform Rathiel or whoever is in charge for that run. If a member has their glass bought out twice by officers they are automatically under probation. Please post about them in the officer forum and Rathiel will send them a tell explaining they are under probation and he will post what the assigned penalties will be.

Thank you all for your help and appreciation. Without you none of this would be possible. I trust you all and realize many of these things do not need to be said, but, for the sake of clarity I ask that you read and try to stick to the guidelines as much as you can.


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