The Soymilk linkshell bank has 3 main purposes: To pay for runs, to supply coins for relic armor upgrades for members and to supply coins for relic weapon upgrades for the shell. Bank officers lot all coins and some crafting items dropped during runs in order to finance these things.

  • To pay for runs the officers bazaar enough coins to make the necessary gil. The current Soymilk Bank Mule is called Shadowwarrior and its base of operation is Upper Jeuno or Batallia Downs near the Jeuno zone (aka the black market area).
  • To help members upgrade relic armor obtained in dreamland runs (Qufim, Buburimu, Valkurm & Tavnazia) the bank officer can be asked for the necessary coins once the member has all the other required items for the upgrade. This includes the original armor, the -1 armor, and all other crafting items required. If a member decides to not go through with the upgrade for any reason, they are expected to return any coins obtained from the linkshell.
  • Relic weapon upgrades are decided on by officers. Whenever there is an opening for an upgrade, officers will announce and take names of interested candidates. Seniority, personal merit, usefulness, and how much of the upgrade has already been done by the member are all taken into consideration. Regardless, no single consideration guarantees anyone use of the bank funds in order to upgrade a weapon. No officer can guarantee that you will be awarded an upgrade spot. All Officers will jointly decide who will upgrade, how many upgrades will be done at once and/or if there will be an upgrade at all for the year.

For buyers: If you would like to order coins ahead of time or would like to buy from our current stock, please feel free to contact any bank officer and check the bank status to see what is available. Contact the bank officer through a private site message or an in-game /tell.

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