Attendance exceptions for special cases
There are two cases of special exemptions from posting absent on each run you cannot attend: Long-term absences and Unpredictable schedule absences. In either of these cases you lose your exempt status if you are online and not with the LS during run times. In both cases you may secure lots and participate in free lots on your first day back unless told otherwise by officers. All your absences will also be automatically excused regardless of whether you post or not in both situations. If you are unsure about whether your situation fits an exception from the attendance requirements please ask officers. If it is found out that you are abusing these exceptions you will be removed from the linkshell.

Long Term Abcenses Unpredictable Schedule Absences
If you will be gone for an extended period of time post under long term absences in the forums. This does not include not having access to the site due to lack of computer or internet access. In these situations it is expected that you ask the assigned officers to sign up up for runs. If you are unsure who is in charge of that please check under officer assignments in the officers tab. You are expected to resume signing up properly when you return to runs. This includes signing up for lots, absences and attendance.
Some examples are: people who are gone for their last month of the semester; people going on vacation; people in the armed forces; people whose job schedule changes for a period of time; etc.
If you are in a real life situation that makes it impossible for you to know when you will be able to attend until less than an hour before runs, you may ask for an attendance exception. Some examples of this are medical or emergency response workers with unpredictable shifts or who are on call; police officers; fire fighters; etc.
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