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RPK - Rathiel Player Kill
n. the massacre of large numbers of player characters via hoardes of mobs trained by Rathiel
v. to slaughter an entire linkshell of player characters via hoardes of mobs trained by Rathiel

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Origins of RPK

RPK is derived from the standard MMORPG term MPK (Monster Player Kill). It is unknown who or when the term was coined but it has been commonly used by the members of Soymilk since the shell's formation in late 2005. Some insiders speculate that Rathiel may formed Soymilk solely to quench his lust for RPK.

It is unknown when the first official RPK occurred. The same insiders mentioned above theorize that the first RPK did not take place until Soymilk. Rathiel was involved in a good number of serious endgame shells prior to Soymilk that would not have tolerated such wanton death and destruction at events. This train of thought also supports the idea that Soymilk was created as a vehicle of RPK.

Mechanics of RPK

RPK is frigheningly swift in its execution. Survivors liken it to a tsunami of mobs.

Typically, an alliance or more of players prepare themselves for a pull. Rathiel makes the pull. Rathiel runs back to the alliance followed by 15-20 monsters. Once the mobs are within aggro range of the alliance, Rathiel promptly dies. The alliance attempts to subdue the monsters but there is either too large a quantity of mobs or the mobs simply do not sleep. Most members of the alliance succumb during the first 2-5 minutes. Some death fearing souls may try to outrun the angry mobs but aggro is nearly impossible to lose in Dynamis, so eventually they tire and are beaten down by mobs.

The alliance waits until the mobs return to their former positions before reraising, recovering and attempting the pull again.

Usually RPK only happens once per pull but there have been documented occasions where Rathiel is able to RPK the alliance simply by repeating a pull.

RPK generally occurs during Dynamis although Rathiel has been known to RPK smaller groups during linkshell events, experience points party, salvage, assault and other occasions when he is a member of your party or alliance.

Aftermath of RPK

Survivors of RPK are plagued by trust issues, fear of crowds, and just a general loss of experience points. Some estimate that the cost of RPK per year per member of SM is equivalent to the number of the experience points needed to level 3 characters from 1 to 75.

Accounts of RPK

Early RPK

This screenshot is rumored to be from Soymilk's first Dynamis Xarcabard. It illustrates the very popular RPK by demons.


RPK by Dynamis Lord

The ultimate achievement in RPK. Getting an entire 2 full alliances killed by the Dynamis Lord.


RPK by Bunnies

36 people were RPK'd by bunnies during a Fall 2007 Dynamis Buburimu. The incident left such an impression on players involved that rabbit mobs are avoided in Dynamis Runs.


RPK by Mandragora

Because Soymilk no longer plays with bunnies in Dynamis Buburimu, the shell is forced to pull mandies. This resulted in RPK by Mandragora.

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Outside of Dynamis RPK

There are some who foolhardily believe that RPK can only happen in Dynamis. Here are a few documented examples of extracurricular RPK

Temenos RPK

Rathiel is an avid Limbus participant and frequently makes RPK attempts during Limbus.


Ashu Talif RPK

Rathiel fancies himself a pirate and pursues fantasies of pirate RPK while doing the Ashu Talif Assaults.


RPK Avoidance and Survival Tips

It is possible to avoid and possibly even survive an RPK.

The only fool proof way to avoid RPK is to play FFXI when Rathiel is sleeping.

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