Reporters - 1 Pair of positions available

Technically there are different responsibilities that are understood under this officer category. These can be distributed however the LS reporters choose, but must me met somehow between the two of them.

Reporter 1 - Photographer


  • During Runs:
    • Take Pictures - Reporters are the only people allowed to run freely up to mages and pulls. Due to this you must be considered an expert on moving around without aggro in all zones.
    • Have pictures of drops and who they went to.
  • Outside of Runs:
    • Get pictures of full AF sets and other noteworthy drops being worn by members.
    • Add pictures to member pages and absolutely everything else that could use more visual appeal. This includes any guides that could be helped by having a picture.

Things to consider

  • Your reports affect LS morale. Please try to be positive and remember that what you post will represent the entire LS not just you.
  • You need to be able to take pictures and move through the LS while still keeping up with your responsibilities. You have to be able to effectively multi task. If doing this gets in the way of your effectiveness you my be asked to step down.
  • Having picture editing features helps.
Reporter 2 - Editor


  • During Runs:
    • Write down Announcements to be added to the announcements page for the week.
  • Outside of Runs:
    • Maintain and fill out announcements and runs pages.
    • Go through site and maintain order.
    • Request pages to be made (add it to the bottom of the announcements if needed) or linked appropriately.

Things to consider

  • You need to have a basic understanding of English grammar… unlike Rathiel
  • You need to learn to play with the site until you are comfortable.
  • Your reports affect shell morale greatly, please remember what kind of tone you are posting in.
  • This requires a good deal of keeping up. You need to do it little by little every week instead of leaving it all at once at the end of the month or something.

Please apply here if interested in applying for this position.

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